Tina Byrom

Tina Byrom

Management Lead Curricula

School of Social Sciences

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Undergraduate and Professional Education


Dr Tina Byrom is currently the Academic Team Leader for Undergraduate and Professional Education. This involves leading a team of staff involved with teaching non-ITT education related courses from undergraduate through to professional doctorate and PhD level.

Dr Byrom's current teaching responsibilities include teaching on undergraduate Joint Honours in Education courses, predominantly on the Education Studies subject strand. Dr Byrom is the Module Leader for three modules: Sociological Explorations in Education; Class Practices in Education; Professional Studies 3 – Research Based Learning. She also teaches on the EdD both to our Hong Kong students and those based at NTU.

Dr Byrom is currently involved in exploring the interventions used by a housing association to encourage homeless young people back into education and an evaluation of their peer mentoring scheme. Additional research activities include exploring the higher education experiences of non-traditional students.

Career overview

Dr Byrom has over 12 years teaching experience both in the compulsory secondary school and post-16 sectors.

Research areas

Dr Byrom has been employed as a Research Associate on a number of projects at The University of Nottingham and Loughborough University. Projects included: Teenage Pregnancy; HE participation rates across Nottingham North; Post-16 education provision in Nottingham City; Health Imperatives in Schools.

Dr Byrom is currently exploring the ways in which young people make their decision to come to HE and how influential the NSS is in influencing their choices. She has also looked at issues connected with social justice and the ways in which academic failure is experienced by students without a family history of HE. Dr Byrom is currently involved with a local housing association evaluating their peer mentoring scheme.

Opportunities to carry out postgraduate research towards an MPhil / PhD exist and further information may be obtained from the NTU Graduate School.

External activity

Dr Byrom regularly travels to Hong Kong to teach the Schools EdD students but also visits other organisations to develop additional partnerships. Dr Byrom was responsible for developing an Erasmus partnership with Metropolia University in Helsinki. NTU have had successful student exchange programmes with them and Dr Byrom delivered a session on social mobility during their international week in 2014.

Sponsors and collaborators

Current and recent research is being conducted with the collaboration, funding and/or support of:

  • Nottingham Youth Housing Association


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