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Andrea Nicholson

Principal Lecturer

Nottingham Law School

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Andrea Nicholson is a Principal Lecturer at Nottingham Law School. She has previously acted as the School Research Director, providing strategic leadership support on the development, implementation and monitoring of the School research strategy and REF planning, and ensuring the enhancement of the quality and volume of the School’s research activity. Before that she was the Head of Postgraduate Programmes with budgetary, strategic and developmental responsibility for the Academic LLM portfolio, Professional Doctorate in Legal Practice, Graduate Diploma in Law, LLM Legal Practice Course and LLM Bar Professional Training Course. Andrea is currently on a Visiting Research Fellowship.

She has taught and led modules in trusts, public law, jurisprudence, public international law, humanitarian law, and international human rights at undergraduate, and postgraduate level.

Career overview

Andrea studied law as an undergraduate at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University in 2000, and joined the University of Durham in 2003 to undertake an LLM in European Legal Studies, before joining the Law School in 2004. She is a Fellow of the HEA, a member of the School Research Committee and the Unit of Assessment Steering Group, and has been involved with editorship of the Nottingham Law Journal since 2008, acting as Associate Editor between 2010 to 2014.

Research areas

Andrea is actively involved in research in the field of international human rights. Her work is interdisciplinary, and she has a particular interest in slavery and trafficking. She has published in the International Journal of Human Rights, and contributed book chapters on contemporary and historical slavery. Andrea is also engaged part-time in a PhD concerning contemporary slave narratives in the department of Canadian and American Studies at the University of Nottingham, supervised by Professors Zoe Trodd and Kevin Bales. She is a member of the Centre for Rights and Justice at Nottingham Trent University, and of the Centre for Research in Race and Rights at the University of Nottingham.

She currently holds an ESRC grant of £15,740 as part of larger collaborative Grant with the Universities of Nottingham and Hull (total £100,000) called ‘Modern Slavery: Meaning and Measurement.’ The sub-project asserts that the views and experience of survivors of slavery should be included in definitional and measurement development if either are to be valid tools to address modern slavery. She will co-author an article with Professor Zoe Trodd about the use of definitions on the part of enslaved people, past and present. Additionally, the team will organize and host a symposium to debate and present this work to the larger audience beyond academics – law enforcement, policy makers, voluntary organisations, service providers, and campaigning groups, and survivors themselves.

Andrea also holds a sub-grant of £5,300 from the AHRC ‘Antislavery Usable Past’ project (2014-19 - total value £1.84m) to support the costs of gathering a new collection of survivor narratives.

She has received £500 from the University of Nottingham Postgraduate Fund to support training in Cognitive Interview techniques.

Andrea has also been funded to present conference papers at WISE and in Italy.

Andrea is currently working on two book chapters: “A Survivor Centric Approach - the Importance of Contemporary Slave Narratives to the Anti-Slavery Agenda” in The SAGE Handbook of Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery, Sasha Poucki & Jennifer Bryson-Clarke (eds) (forthcoming, May 2017); and a chapter on Slave Narratives in The Using History Handbook, Kevin Bales (ed) (forthcoming Summer 2017) - A text aimed at NGOs and governmental bodies, as well as scholars and teachers. She is also finalising a draft article on definition and narrative, focusing on human rights in practice.


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