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Gary Wilson

Gary Wilson

Associate Professor

Nottingham Law School

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Gary is a Reader in Law. As well as engaging in academic research he is involved in teaching on the LL.B and LL.M programmes as well as undertaking supervision of doctoral students. Gary is a member of the College Research Degrees Committee and he is also a member of the Advisory Board of the Centre for Business and Insolvency Law within NLS.

Career overview

Gary graduated with a law degree from the University of Oxford and subsequently spent six years in practice as a corporate lawyer with Eversheds. He then became an academic, and, prior to joining NTU, Gary was a Lecturer at Keele University and a Lecturer and Senior Lecturer at the University of Leeds.

Research areas

Although Gary's research interests cover the broad field of corporate law he has a particular interest in corporate personality and in historical and contemporary approaches to the theorisation and regulation of the corporate entity. His work draws upon source material from a range of academic disciplines as well as having a strong focus on doctrinal law. Current projects are focused around an investigation into various facets of corporate personality and corporate accountability in an inter-disciplinary context. In a similar vein Gary is also interested in the relationship between business, law and society more generally and recent work examines these issues in the specific context of banking and securities regulation.

Sponsors and collaborators

Past and present research collaborators include:

  • Professor Adrian Walters, University of Chicago-Kent, USA
  • Professor Sally Wheeler, School of Law, Queen's University Belfast
  • Dr Sarah Wilson, School of Law, University of Manchester.

Funding for research has included:

  • Insolvency Lawyers' Association. Funding obtained in conjunction with Professor Sally Wheeler (from Queen's University Belfast) for the production of Research Report entitled: Directors' Liabilities in the Context of Corporate Groups (Wallingford: GTI Specialist Publishers Ltd, 1998)