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Kevwe Omoragbon

Research Assistant

Nottingham Law School


Kevwe Omoragbon is a Research Assistant at Nottingham Law School.

Research areas

My research interests are in the area of clinical legal education such as student assessment, use of portfolios in CLE and the legal-health partnerships. I am currently researching into the impact of the Alternative Business Structures in law clinics.

External activity

I am involved in various community initiatives including co-ordinating soup kitchen, foodbank and homeless project. I also have passion for women empowerment and inspire healthy living.


Book Chapters

K OMORAGBON ‘Celebrating A Decade of Clinical Legal Education in Nigeria: It’s Not Yet Uhuru!’ In Stephen Rosenbaum and Mutaz Qafisheh (eds.) Experiential Legal Education In A Globalized World: The Middle East and Beyond, (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle: 2016)

K OMORAGBON     ‘Safeguarding the Rights of Oil Producing Communities in Nigeria: A Call For Review’ in Toyin Falola and Jamaine Abidogun (eds.) Issues in Africa’s Political Economies, (I. B. Tauris & Co. Publishing, New York: 2016).

K OMORAGBON     ‘The Legality of ECOWAS Intervention in Peace Support in Terms of the UN Charter’ in Toyin Falola and Charles Thomas (eds.) Securing Africa: Local Crises and Foreign Interventions (Routledge, New York: 2014).

K OMORAGBON     ‘Kicking Against the Pricks: The Nigerian Constitution As An Impediment To Women’s Rights in Nigeria’ in Toyin Falola and Bridget Teboh (eds.) The Power of Gender and The Gender of Power: Women’s Labor, Rights and Responsibilities in Africa (African World Press, New Jersey: 2013).

K. OMORAGBON ‘The Illegality Of The Bush Doctrine Of Pre- Emptive Self-Defence’ Contemporary Legal Thought: Essay In Honour Of Chief Jossy Eze Chief Justice Of Ebonyi State M. A. Ajanwachuku and H.P. Fega (eds.) Contemporary Legal Thought: Essay In Honour Of Chief Jossy Eze Chief Justice Of Ebonyi State (Corps Legal Aid Scheme: 2008).

Journal Articles

K OMORAGBON     ‘An Evaluation of the Pedagogy and Andragogy Debate in the Constructivist Paradigm’ (2016) African Journal of Clinical Legal Education Vol. 3.

K OMORAGBON     ‘Two Sides of The Same Coin: From Bush’s Doctrine of Pre-emptive Self Defence to Obama’s Preventive Action’ (2014) Department of Public International Law Journal, U.I. Vol. 4. No. 1.

K OMORAGBON     ‘Light In The Midst Of Obscurity: Birth of The International Criminal Court and The US Opposition’ (2012) University of Ibadan Law Journal Vol. 2(2) pp. 467-488.

K. OMORAGBON     ‘Interface of Law and Medicine in Clinical Legal Education’ (2012) International Journal of Clinical Legal Education Vol. 17 pp. 49-58

K OMORAGBON     ‘Appraisal of The Right To The Environment For Oil Producing Communities in Nigeria’ (2010) Igbinedion Law Journal Vol. 9 &10 pp. 46-59.

K. OMORAGBON     ‘Human Security: the Major Challenge In The 21ST Century’ (2009) Journal of Arts and Culture Vol. 4 No. 1 pp. 41-48

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