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Nisan Alici

Dr Nisan Alici

Research Assistant

Nottingham Law School

Staff Group(s)
Nottingham Law School staff


Nisan is Research Assistant in Human Rights and Social Justice at the Centre for Rights and Justice at Nottingham Law School. Nisan is the co-founder of Demos Research Association where she has been involved in research projects on peace, gender, and transitional justice. She teaches at the intersection of politics and law. She is also a visiting scholar at the University of Cambridge.

Career overview

Nisan holds a Ph.D. degree from the Transitional Justice Institute, Ulster University. Her PhD project focused on the prospects for transitional justice in the ongoing Kurdish conflict from a victim-centred and grassroots-oriented approach.

Research areas

She co-authored the research reports "From Converging Roads to Narrowing Grounds: The Struggle for Peace by LGBTI+ Women's Organisations in Turkey", "(En)gendering Women's Involvement in the Colombian Peace Process", and the book "Women's Peace activism in Serbia, Kosovo, Sri Lanka, Syria". She also published blog posts for the LSE Women, Peace and Security website and currently writing a blog series on "Gendered Aspects of War and Peace in Turkey" for Off University.