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Tom Kemp


Nottingham Law School


Tom currently teaches on the following LLB courses:

  • Public Law (1st year)
  • Human Rights (2nd and 3rd year)
  • Criminology and Criminal Justice (3rd year)
  • International, European Union and Comparative law (1st and 2nd year)
  • Legal Method (Distance Learning)

Career overview

Tom is a researcher focusing on the law and politics of immigration detention and policing. He is interested in social movements that engage with and oppose spaces of incarceration as locations of theory making and knowledge production about the nature of state power and about the nature of solidarity. He is also interested in understanding the connections between border policing, criminal justice and coloniality.

Tom graduated from Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford with a BA in Mathematics and Philosophy. After a law conversion course at BPP, he attained an LLM at the School of Oriental and African Studies before starting work on his PhD at Kent Law School. His PhD is entitled 'The Post-Representational politics of Anti-Detention Activism' and focuses on grassroots and abolitionist responses to immigration detention.

Research areas

Law and Politics of Border enforcement

Criminology and Crimmigration Studies

Public Law and State Theory

Social Movement Studies


Kemp, Tom. ‘Solidarity in Spaces of “Care and Custody”: The Hospitality Politics of Immigration Detention Visiting’. Theoretical Criminology, Forthcoming.