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Roger Jepson

Cello, Double Bass, Guitar and Bass Guitar teacher



Roger is the University's cello, double bass, guitar and bass guitar teacher, working in NTU's Music department.

Career overview

Roger is an experienced musician who appreciates and plays a broad range of music. Choosing music A-level over an opportunity to tour with Electric Light Orchestra he went on to City University to gain a music degree, taking cello tuition at The Guildhall School of Music.

Roger has played in many orchestras, bands and jazz ensembles and has supported the NTU Chamber Choir as part of the rhythm section. He currently plays double bass and bass guitar with Mighty Lupo (blues) and Groove Merchants (jazz / blues), cello with The Golden Troubadours (indie), and 6 on 4 (guitar and cello jazz duo).

While being happy to teach those already on their musical journey, Roger has a special interest in beginners of all ages and would encourage anyone that it’s never too late to start playing and thoroughly enjoy music.