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Wendy McDonald

Oboe teacher



Wendy McDonald teaches the oboe as part of the NTU Music team.

Career overview

Wendy studied music at the University of Exeter and the oboe under Andrew Knights. She subsequently undertook postgraduate studies under Sien Vallis-Davies at the London Symphony Orchestra, where she focused on a more holistic approach to making music.

As an active performer Wendy specialises in both oboe and cor anglais, and can be heard playing locally with the Nottingham Philharmonic Orchestra and Nottingham Concert Orchestra. She is also involved in a wide range of other music-making across the UK, including solo recitals, chamber work with the New Classical Players, and playing for operettas and shows. Wendy is also part of an artistic collaboration bringing together the disciplines of improvisation, dance and painting and has performed at many weird and wonderful venues throughout Germany.

As an experienced oboe teacher she is in high demand and has pioneered a programme of teaching seven year olds, which is now producing diploma level pupils within schools in the East Midlands. Wendy works extensively with youth orchestras and is currently both a director and woodwind tutor for the Nottingham Youth Orchestra, playing a role in developing the highest level of playing experiences for young people in Nottingham.

When not performing or teaching, Wendy works with musicians as a specialist deep tissue massage therapist, ensuring her colleagues are able to perform at the peak of their abilities.