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Laura Perez

Laura Perez Hernandez

Research Coordinator - Strategic Themes

Research Development


As Strategic Research Themes Coordinator, Laura is working closely with the Research Leaders, Research Development and Strategic Partnerships Team and professional services. Laura’s role is to coordinate, lead and project manage key projects, initiatives and events related to the Strategic Research Themes.

Career overview

Laura joined NTU in 2018 as a Research Assistant at Nottingham Law School in a REF Impact Case Study based on Human Rights and Religion Toleration. Before starting her current role at NTU in January 2021, she worked as a Researcher in an impact research project about social and economic Coronavirus aftermath at Virtual Global Village. In February 2021, she earned her PhD at the University Complutense of Madrid Spain, with a thesis titled, “Female Fashion in Spain and England in the eighteenth century: majismo and its social scope, 1750-1800”. During 2017-2018, she had a scholarship in the Department of Spanish, Latin American and Portuguese Studies at the University of Nottingham, England, to complete her international research.

Research areas

Laura is interested in social, women and fashion history in the 17th and 18th centuries. Her research has been mainly focused on fashion and national identities and how sources such as newspapers build gender identities in Early Modern History. She has also worked in research areas such as sustainable fashion and fashion and politics.

External activity

Laura is a member of the Association of Dress Historians Treasury Committee,and she is also an editor in Khronos Historia, a Spanish Digital Journal about History.


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  • “El valor nacional de la moda: análisis del majismo y su transcendencia social en la segunda mitad el siglo XVIII”, Nuevas Perspectivas de Investigación: Historia Moderna, Economía, Sociedad y Cultura en el Mundo Hispánico, UAB, octubre 2018.
  • “How had COVID-19 Impacted the fashion industry?”, Virtual Global Village, October 2020.
  • “Fashion and Politics: Should Fashion Remain apolitical? Virtual Global Village, October 2020.
  • “La prostitución en USA y Europa en los años 50. Intentos de limitación, caos y clandestinidad“, en Ellas, las prostitutas: Historia de la Prostitución Vol.I Desde los orígenes hasta nuestros días, Khronos Historia, Madrid, 2020, pp. 455-467.
  • “La mujer como mercancía: los escaparates del Barrio Rojo y Mariska Majoor“, en Ellas, las prostitutas: Historia de la prostitución vol.II con nombre propio. Vidas de prostitutas, Khronos Historia, Madrid, 2020, pp. 509-519.
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