Anne James-Taylor

Anne James-Taylor

Professor and Head of Department

School of Science & Technology

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Anne is Professor and Head of Department of Computing & Technology. Her work involves ensuring that excellent teaching, which covers the latest developments in the field, is delivered  at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. She promotes research within the department encouraging investigation into innovative systems that advance and support society. She is keen to further enhance the work of the department by making new links with the wider community.

Career overview

Previous to her current role, Anne was Professor of Data Systems Architecture at Coventry University. She obtained her BSc degree at Aston University, UK and her PhD at the University of Wolverhampton UK. Specialising in data processing and semantic analysis, the research interests of Professor James are in the general area of creating distributed and intelligent systems to meet new challenges, particularly in the area of cyber security. Examples of current projects are the development of enhanced methods for detection of biometric identity fraud, the construction of new methods for Cloud forensics, the use of block chain technology, and natural language processing for document content analysis. Professor James has successfully supervised 30 research degrees and has published around 200 papers in peer reviewed journals or conferences.

Research areas

  • Data
  • Distributed Systems
  • Internet of Things
  • Cyber Security
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Smart Cities
  • Smart Campus