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Chris Mc Collin

Christopher Mccollin

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer

School of Science & Technology


Dr McCollin teaches Stochastic Processes and Applied Statistics for the BSc Maths final year, Business Analysis as an option for the Computing cluster and core for BSc Financial Maths in final year, Mathematical Methods and Quality Control for Business to the 2nd year BSc Financial Maths students and Business Operations and Reliability Management for the MSc in Engineering Management.

Career overview

Dr McCollin worked as a reliability engineer for British Aerospace, Rolls Royce Aerospace and Ferranti Defence Systems Ltd for 10 years.

Research areas

Energy Modelling and Reliability Analysis in Oscillators and Generating Systems.


McCollin, C., Whitfield, S and Coleman, S. (2017) Multi failure mode reliability in adults. ENBIS Reliability Workshop, Schlägl , Austria, 2017.

McCollin, C. and Göb, R. (2016) Understanding the Inductance part of the Lévy Generator. Proceedings of the ENBIS Conference September 2016.

McCollin, C. (2014) Redefining Maintenance Events: A Study of Load-haul Dump Machines. Proceedings of the ENBIS Conference, Linz, September 2014.

Elsmuai, T. and McCollin, C. (2014) Bayesian Modelling of a Quality Accreditation Network. International Journal of Quality Engineering and Technology. Vol.4, No.3, pp.181 – 199, 2014.

McCollin, C. and Coleman, S. (2014) Historical Published Maintenance Data: What Can It Tell Us About Reliability Modelling? Quality and Reliability International. April 2014, Vol 30, Issue 3, pp781-795.

Alzaben, H., Lai, E. and McCollin, C. (2014) Development of Framework for Maintenance Management in Healthcare Industry in Saudi Arabia. Proceedings of the 20th ISSAT International Conference on Reliability and Quality in Design August 7-9, 2014 - Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.