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Dale Richards

Senior Lecturer



Dr Dale Richards is a Senior Lecturer in Human Factors Engineering within the Department of Engineering. He teaches Human Factors within the Department and is also Research Group Lead for the Human Factors & Performance Research Group.  Dale is part of several multidisciplinary research projects, providing Human Factors expertise across different domains. However, his main research focusses on how humans interact with complex and intelligent systems (ranging from automation, autonomy to AI).

Career overview

Following his undergraduate degree in Psychology Dale was fortunate to be awarded a University of Wales scholarship to pursue his PhD at Swansea University (Human Computer Interaction and Cognitive Psychology). He then joined QinetiQ in 2001 (formerly the Defence & Evaluation Research Agency, DERA) Centre for Human Sciences, where he applied Human Factors principles across different UK MoD projects. This ranged from manned systems to unmanned autonomous systems. During his time at QinetiQ Dale was promoted to Technical Focus for Human Factors within Air Division, where he continued research on autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in both defence (Autonomy & Mission Management) and civilian (ASTRAEA) applications. Before leaving QinetiQ Dale was also seconded to work on the UK MoD Watchkeeper UAV Safety Team for the release to service (RTS). Dale joined Coventry University as Director of the Human Technology Research Centre in 2012, and then as a Senior Research Fellow in 2014 concentrating efforts on bringing together Human Factors across different Faculties. During this time Dale assisted in the delivery of the newly formed distance learning MSc Human Factors in Aviation, where he led the Human Decision Making and Error module. Whilst at Coventry Dale was also UAV Safety Officer and active in several different funded research projects across flight deck design, unmanned systems, autonomous vehicles and human-autonomy teaming.

Dale joined NTU in 2019 and is involved across both teaching and research.

Research areas

Dale has won several funded research grants ranging from:

Flying High Challenge (UAVs in urban environment)

The use of Smart Glass technology in Aerospace

Human-Autonomy Teaming within an Emergency Response

Training requirements for the integration of UAVs in the UK Royal Navy

The use of portable brain imaging to evaluate human-autonomy interaction within cars

Since coming to NTU he has been awarded the following research grants:

Intelligent Ship Phase 1 - Measuring Autonomy-Teaming Effectiveness

Future Flight Challenge Phase 1

External activity

Dale is a member of several national and internation bodies, including:

- NATO Special Working Group on Sense & Avoid for UAVs (Human Factors)

- Federal Aviation Administration Human Factors Review Group

- Approvals Board member for the Royal Aeronautical Society

- EPSRC project reviewer

- External Examiner for Aviation Engineering (University of Central Lancaster)

- Professional reviewer for NIHR

Dale is regularly invited to review journal papers across Psychology, Human Factors and Engineering. He has also been invited to several conferences to chair panels on Human Factors and Autonomous Systems (including Aviation 2015, 2016 and 2017), HCII Augmented Cognition 2020, and Artificial Intelligence & Systems Behaviour (2018). Dale was also invited to present a paper on single operator control of multiple UAVs to MIT (Department of Aeronautics & Astrophysics).


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