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David Kilgour

David Kilgour

Senior Lecturer

School of Science & Technology

Staff Group(s)
Chemistry and Forensic Science


Dr Kilgour is the Module Leader for Analytical Chemistry and Professional Practice modules. He is a Year in Industry tutor, and teaches on the following modules:

  • Introduction to Analytical Chemistry
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Drug Detection and Analysis
  • Professional Practice

Career overview

Before coming to Nottingham Trent University, Dr Kilgour worked for the Universities of Edinburgh (UK), Warwick (UK), and Maryland Baltimore (USA).

Research areas

Dr Kilgour’s research interests lie in the field of mass spectrometry. He is principally interested in the development of novel ionisation sources and in improved methods of processing mass spectrometric data. His research pages can be found at

External activity

Dr Kilgour is a Chartered Chemist (Royal Society of Chemistry) and is a member of the British Mass Spectrometry Society and of the American Society of Mass Spectrometry, where he is currently a co-chair of the FT-MS special interest group.

Dr Kilgour sits on the associate editorial board for the journal Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry.


Producing absorption mode Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectra with non-quadratic phase correction functions. Kilgour D, Nagornov KO, Kozhinov AN, Zhurov KO and Tsybin YO, Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, 2015, 29 (11), 1087-1093

Producing isotopic distribution models for fully apodized absorption mode FT-MS. Kilgour DPA, Van Orden SL, Tran B, Goo YA, Goodlett DR, Analytical Chemistry, 2015, 87 (11), 5797–5801

Absorption mode FT-MS with no baseline correction using a novel asymmetric apodization function. Kilgour DPA, Van Orden S, Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, 2015, 29, 1009-1018

Absorption Mode FT-ICR Mass Spectrometry Imaging. Smith DF, Kilgour DPA, Konijnenburg M, O'Connor PB, Heeren RM, Analytical Chemistry, 2013, 85 (23), 11180-11184

Improved optimization of the Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry phase correction function using a genetic algorithm. Kilgour DPA, Neal MJ, Soulby AJ, O'Connor PB, Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, 2013, 27(17), 1977-1982

Autophaser: An Algorithm for Automated Generation of Absorption Mode Spectra for FT-ICR MS. Kilgour DPA, Wills RH, Qi Y and O'Connor PB, Analytical Chemistry, 2013, 85 (8), 3903-11

Appropriate Degree of Trust: Deriving Confidence Metrics for Automatic Peak Assignment in High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry. Kilgour DPA, Mackay CL, Langridge-Smith PRR and O’Connor PB, Analytical Chemistry, 2012, 84 (17), 7431-7435

Use of an Artificial Immune System Derived Method for the Charge State Assignment of Small-Molecule Mass Spectra.  Kilgour DPA, Mackay CL, Langridge-Smith PRR and O’Connor PB, Analytical Chemistry, 2012, 84 (17), 7436-7439

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Press expertise

  • Aspects of counter terrorism and security associated with chemicals and materials
  • Analytical chemistry (particularly mass-spectrometry based)