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Gemma Foulds

Gemma Foulds

Research Fellow

School of Science & Technology


Dr Foulds is a Research Fellow in the John van Geest Cancer Research Centre.

Career overview

Dr Foulds gained her BSc Biology (Hons) degree from York University in 2005 and began working as a Research Technician in the Immunobiology Research Group at University of Sheffield in 2006. She worked on a Foods Standard Agency funded project investigating links between nutritional status and immune function in older adults, as well running a trial examining the effect of pre- and/or pro-biotic supplementation sufferers of IBS. Later her research focus shifted to immunology in cancer and she obtained a PhD for her research into the use of membrane-bound heat shock protein 70 (memHsp70) as a target for imaging and immunotherapy in breast cancer.

Dr Foulds joined Nottingham Trent University as a Research Fellow in 2013 investigating the immune-phenotype of patients with breast and prostate cancer. In 2018 she began working on an NIHR-funded, multi-centre phase II clinical trial monitoring immune system reconstitution in patients with Crohns Disease undergoing autologous stem cell transplantation (ASTIClite trial).

Research areas

Dr Foulds' main research interest lies in immune monitoring. She has previously worked on projects investigating potential links between the immune-phenotype and prognosis/disease status of patients with prostate and breast cancer. She currently works as part of an NIHR-funded phase II clinical trial investigating the use of autologous stem cell transplant in patients with Crohn's disease. She is responsible for co-ordinating and processing samples from patients taking part in the trial around the country; monitoring their immune system before and during their treatment to help gain a better understanding of the disease.

Dr Foulds also has a strong interest in imaging techniques, in particular multi-colour Flow Cytometry. She has over ten years experience working with numerous different instruments and designing experiments. She has presented at an international flow cytometry conference and is keen to keep up-to-date with advances in the field.


Recent publications:

Hood SP, Cosma G, Foulds GA, Johnson C, Reeder S, McArdle SE, Khan MA, Pockley AG. 2020. Identifying prostate cancer and its clinical risk in asymptomatic men using machine learning of high dimensional peripheral blood flow cytometric natural killer cell subset phenotyping data. Elife. doi: 10.7554/eLife.50936.

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