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Ian Shuttleworth

Ian Shuttleworth

Senior Lecturer

School of Science & Technology

Staff Group(s)
Physics and Mathematics


Dr Shuttleworth is involved with the following:


  • PHYS34622 Project & Professional Skills
  • FORE30004 Ballistics and Firearms
  • PHYS22223 Optics & Semiconductors
  • PHYS22234 Thermal & Environmental Physics


  • Density functional theory (DFT) investigations of chemical processes at surfaces

Career overview

Ian Shuttleworth started his career with a PhD in Surface Physics earned at the Cavendish Laboratories, Cambridge University. He held post-doctoral positions at both the University of Nottingham and then Rutgers University, before accepting a faculty position at Nottingham Trent University.

Research areas

Ian Shuttleworth's research interests lie in the field of chemical processes that occur during heterogeneous catalysis – that is, when the phase of the catalyst is different to the phase of the reactants. Broadly, investigations within his group follow the themes of:

  • Surface and interfacial science
  • Nano-chemistry, and defect chemistry

Current project fields include:

  • An accurate van der Waals description of the adsorbate-surface interaction
  • Strain engineering, and its consequences for catalysis
  • The efficient inversion of x-ray diffraction images

Opportunities to carry out postgraduate research towards an MPhil/PhD exist and further information may be obtained from the NTU Graduate School.

External activity

Sponsors and collaborators

Ian Shuttleworth's computational investigations are supported by the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC), and he is a member of the UK's Materials Chemistry Consortium (


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