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Jack Larkin

Research Assistant

School of Science & Technology

Research assistant in Internet of Water. My job involves exploring novel methods of collecting data about water (Species, underwater plastic, acidity, salinity and so on) and developing methods of communicating this data between devices using IoT (internet of things) technology.


Research Assistant in Internet of Water

I am exploring the possibility of creating submerged devices that can collect sensor data  about underwater species and use machine learning on the edge to process that data. In the IoW we aim to lead the Transformation of the UK aquatic species monitoring, using digital technologies. This project aims at extending the UPD project for monitoring underwater invasive and endangered species. In this project we are also hoping explore the use of AI/ML algorithms both at the edge and on the cloud, and design Underwater Intelligent IoT sensors by combining Stereo Vision, LiDAR and Acoustic systems with Edge computing devices running state-of-the-art AI algorithms, such as Yolov5.

My contributions to this project include (but are not limited to) carrying out  project planning requirements, researching solutions to implement  the hardware practicalities, implementing ML solutions on the edge using a Xilinx MPSoC approach and data processing.

The IoW project will deliver an ecosystem that will combine IoT devices and cloud-based services for monitoring underwater species using state-of-the-art applications. Therefore, this project has the capability to improve the monitoring and protecting of underwater ecosystems: to set foundations for future work to optimise the automation of underwater ecosystem protection.

Research areas

Current Research Project: Internet of water (IoW)

For more details see the link below.