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Kyle Taylor

Kyle Taylor

Research Assistant

School of Science & Technology


Kyle Taylor is a Software Engineering Researcher, working as part of the LEADD:NG Project, funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). As part of this, Kyle investigates and develops immersive technologies to aid small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which includes development of mobile applications and consultancy-based support.

Career overview

Kyle received a first-class BSc. (Hons) Computer Systems (Forensic and Security) at Nottingham Trent University, graduating in 2021. In his final year, he worked part-time for the Cyber Resilience Centre for the East Midlands (EMCRC), delivering cyber security services to SMEs. He has also worked as a Digital Investigations Technician within the Law Enforcement industry as part of his yearlong placement.

Alongside his degree, he has worked with academics in the context of mobile application development and the Internet of Things. In 2019, Kyle collaborated with the NTU’s Psychology department to develop a mobile application to improve family relationships of young people, particularly those with mental health conditions. This project, part of the Scholarship Projects for Undergraduate Researchers (SPUR) scheme, led to the publication of a research poster which was showcased around the University.

Research areas

Kyle's current role involves research in mobile application development, machine learning and Human Activity Recognition (HAR). He has also worked with the Internet of Things to investigate and develop wearable technology.

He also has an interest in cyber security, cyber crime and digital forensics.