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Magda Patel

Senior Technician

School of Science & Technology

Staff Group(s)
Physics and Mathematics Technicians


Magda joined the Department of Physics and Mathematics at NTU in April 2021 as a Senior Research Technician in Physics. She is applying her technical expertise in thin film materials for microelectronics, working in cleanroom environment, advanced nanomaterials, H&S and broad knowledge of chemical reagents in supporting research labs in Physics.

Magda's internal activities include membership of the Technicians Commitment Steering Group and being Sustainability Champion for SST technicians.

Career overview

Magda joined NTU following her previous role as a Materials Core Research Facility Technician at the University of Sheffield at the School of Clinical Dentistry. She received her PhD in engineering at the University of Nottingham in nanocomposite biomaterials for orthopaedic applications. Prior that she worked for two years as a Device Fabrication Research Engineer, at Hewlett-Packard Ltd. in Bristol, developing thin films for microelectronic devices on plastic displays in cleanroom environment. She received her MSc Engineer in Chemical and Polymer Technology at Poznan University of Technology in Poland.