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Professor Sherkat is Associate Dean in the School of Science and Technology and Professor of Intelligent Recognition. His main research interests are Pattern recognition, Classification algorithms and Multimodal Human-Computer interaction.

Research areas

Professor Sherkat is a member of the Computational Intelligence and Applications Research Group (CIA) and the Interactive Systems Research Group (ISRG).

Areas of research interest include:

Pattern recognition and classification algorithms:

  • Online and offline handwriting recognition
  • Poor quality printed character recognition
  • Document image analysis and information extraction
  • Writer identification and verification
  • Vision based real-time object and person tracking

Multimodal human-computer interaction:

  • Integration of speech, eye-gaze, gesture and handwriting
  • Usability of multimodal interactive environments
  • Error compensation in multimodal interactive environments
  • Use of intelligent agents in multimodal environments

Opportunities to carry out postgraduate research towards an MPhil/PhD or MSc by research exist in the areas identified above and in associated interdisciplinary areas. Further information may be obtained from the NTU Graduate School.

External activity

Organising committee member of:

  • International Conference of Document Analysis and Recognition 2003, Edinburgh, UK

Programme committee member of:

  • International Conference of Document Analysis and Recognition
  • International Conference on Frontiers in Handwriting Recognition
  • Conference of International Graphonomics Society
  • ACM – Document Engineering

Trent data set: Design and production of ground truth data set together with an analysis and truthing tool. This programme was fully funded by the Government Communications Headquarters, UK. Trent Data Set was presented at ICDAR 2001 and is made freely available to the research community world wide.

Sponsors and collaborators

Current and recent research is being conducted with the collaboration, funding and/or support of:

  • Government Communications Headquarters
  • The Royal Mail Group Plc
  • HRIF
  • East Midlands Development Agency (emda)
  • University of Nottingham

Principal grant holder:

  • SIS NTU and GEP-UK Ltd, N Sherkat, (2007-2008), £20,000
  • SIS NTU and Trees Project Ltd, N Sherkat, (2007-2008), £10,000
  • KTP with Shawtrack Ltd, N Sherkat and R Stratton, (2007-2009), £99,000
  • KTP with Freshcut Ltd, N Sherkat and R Stratton, (2006-2008), £99,000
  • EPSRC CASE Studentship, N Sherkat, (2006-2010), £79,300
  • A prototype multimodal kiosk, HIRF – Innovation and Regional Fellowship Award, N Sherkat, (2005-2006), £12,800
  • Algorithms for document analysis and ground truth data production, N Sherkat, GCHQ, (2002-2005), £34,000
  • Multimodal document interaction Phase 2, N Sherkat, Royal Mail, (2003-2005), £65,700
  • Research grant – Cursive script recognition, N Sherkat, GCHQ (2002-2005), £47,000
  • Development of a virtual job card system (Document Flow Management).KTP, N Sherkat, (2002-2003), £66,320
  • Modal Document Interaction Phase 1, Royal Mail, (2000-2001), £40,000

Joint grant holder:

  • Centre for Innovation and Technology Exploitation, N Sherkat and T Allen, EMDA (2007-2009), £342,000
  • Shallow Lexical Representations for Deep Corpus-based Connectionist Parsing, N Sherkat and J Tepper, NTU Bursary, (2004-2006), £30,000
  • Optimisation of 3D surface scanning, N Sherkat and J Poliakoff, Optimisation of 3D surface scanning (2002-2005), £37,20


Selected publications

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