Shaun Atherton


Staff Group(s)
Physics and Mathematics


Dr Shaun Atherton is a lecturer in Physics, teaching on the modules: 'Ionising Radiation and Non-Invasive Imaging', 'Matter: Evidence for Quantisation', and 'Advance Experimental Techniques'.

Career overview

Dr Atherton conducted his PhD at NTU. His thesis title was: Semen quality detection using acoustic wave sensors.

Research areas

Dr Atherton's previous research has included work on acoustic wave sensors and fog harvesting with hydrophobic materials. His current work is investigating water drop impact behaviour on granular hydrophobic surfaces and plastron respiration with porous hydrophobic surfaces.

Areas of research interest include:

  • Acoustic wave devices
  • Applications of Superhydrophobic surfaces

Opportunities to carry out postgraduate research towards an MPhil/PhD in the School of Science and Technology exist and further information may be found with the NTU Graduate School.


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