Jeremy Hague

Head of Business Development

Partnerships, Local Engagement and Commercial Services


Dr Jeremy Hague is the Deputy Director of Research Development and Knowledge Exchange. Following a degree in clothing and textile management he undertook PhD research into new management practices in SMEs. Having worked as an academic researcher and business consultant at the start of his university career, Jeremy has been a senior knowledge exchange practitioner for the past fifteen years.

In his current role, Jeremy is responsible for managing the University’s strategic relationships with local authorities and economic partners, including the D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership. He also oversees the University’s engagement with SMEs through European Structural Investment Funding. Together with partners in the Universities of Nottingham and Derby, he co-devised the joint “Enabling Innovation” programme which has been awarded £10m from the European Regional Development Fund to provide unprecedented access to the resources in the three universities to support innovation. Jeremy was an elected member of AURIL’s National Council 2015 – 2017 and now co-ordinates the East Midlands PraxisAuril Network.