Andy Nash

Andrew Nash


School of Social Sciences

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Social Work and Health


Andy Nash is a Lecturer and Practitioner in Social Work. He spends half of his time employed as a lecturer, contributing to the delivery of teaching for social workers at a qualifying and post-qualifying level. For the rest of his time Andy is a practicing social worker. The aim of the post is to generate benefits from being rooted in practice and academia so that both sides inform each other. This is the first role of its kind within the Division of Social Work and Health.

Career overview

Andy qualified as a social worker in 1990 and continues to practice as a Senior Practitioner. He has a background primarily in mental health, as a residential and field social worker. He has been an Approved Social Worker, Approved Mental Health Professional and is currently a practicing Best Interests Assessor.

External activity

Andy is currently employed for half of his time as a Senior Practitioner in the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards Team at Nottingham City Council.