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Claire Bloxsom (Dr.)

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer

School of Social Sciences

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I'm a Senior Lecturer in Psychology, Counselling, and Psychological Therapies in the Division of Psychology and work at NTU part-time teaching mainly on BSc. (Hons) Psychology and Counselling. I'm also a UKCP Registered and Accredited Integrative Psychotherapist (Middlesex University/ Metanoia Institute). I hold a PhD in Psychology (University of Leicester), and am also a Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the BPS by (academic chartership route).

Career overview

I began my academic career in lecturing in 2004, and have worked in counselling and psychotherapy since 2013.

Research areas

Previous and recent collaborations have been in the area of criminological psychology, biological psychology, and social and personality psychology. Current research interests and future research plans relate to topics in counselling and psychological therapies, especially relating to HIV stigma, sexuality, anxiety, depression, trauma, and the therapy relationship, in alignment with my main clinical interests.

External activity

I work part-time in clinical practice as an Integrative Psychotherapist. Particular clinical interests and experience relate to working with anxiety, shame, depression, trauma, cultural issues, gay and bisexual men's wellbeing, and LGBT emotional health. I have clinical experience and a specific interest in psychological wellbeing in clients with an HIV diagnosis.

Sponsors and collaborators

My current research collaborators include:

Professor Rusi Jaspal (NTU)

Dr Alex Sumich (Associate Professor) (NTU)

Dr Nadja Heym (NTU)

Dr Fraenze Kibowski (NTU)


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Sumich, A.L., Harris., A., Whitford, T., Hermans, D., Heym, N., Anderson, J., Bloxsom, C.A.J., Kibowski, F., and Kumari, V. (2018). Neurophysiological correlates of excitement in men with recent onset psychosis. Psychiatr. Danub. 30 (1), 64-71

Fido, D., Santo, MGE., Bloxsom., C.A.J., Gregson, M., and Sumich, A.l. (2017). Electrophysiological study of the violence inhibition mechanism in relation to callous- unemotional and aggressive traits. Personality and Individual Differences, 118, 44-49.

Hollin, C.R., Marsh, C., & Bloxsom, C.A.J. (2011). Anger and self-reported delinquency in university students. European Journal of Psychology Applied to Legal Contexts, 3(1), 1-10.

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