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Claire De Motte

Research Fellow

School of Social Sciences

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Social Work and Health


Claire is currently the module leader for the Youth Studies dissertation module and stream leader for the Health and Social Care dissertation module. Claire provides weekly lectures and seminars for research support, as well as supervises a number of students during their dissertation studies on a range of topics including healthcare, criminal justice and public health policy.

Claire contributes to the second year Health and Social Care module Philosophy, Politics and Ethics, demonstrating the value and relevance of these frameworks in research, and provides teaching assistant support to the module, Research and Professional Practice. Claire has previously taught on the Criminology course, contributing to modules exploring Penology and Prison Policy.

Having completed both her undergraduate degree in Psychology and postgraduate Masters in Forensic Psychology at Nottingham Trent University, Claire de Motte was employed as a Research Assistant in 2010 in the School of Social Sciences. Claire continues to provide research assistant support to a number of staff within the Division of Social Work and Professional Practice. Claire also lectures on a number of modules that focus on research skills and research techniques.

Career overview

Prior to being employed by NTU, Claire worked as a Healthcare Worker in a medium secure psychiatric ward for offenders. Here, Claire worked in close contact with both male and female offenders who were diagnosed with a mental illness, personality disorder or a learning disability. Claire also worked as an Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) tutor for children diagnosed with autism.

Research areas

Claire has worked on projects including Prisoner Resettlement at HMP Sudbury, the impact of prison visits have on female prisoners mental health and in partnership with Nottinghamshire County Council, analysing substance misuse services for young people with mental health issues.

Currently, Claire is working as a Research Assistant on a collaborative project with Framework Housing Association, ‘Fulfilling lives: supporting people with multiple and complex needs’. Working with a small group of adults who combine homelessness, criminality, mental illness and substance misuse, this project aims to evaluate local services with the view to improving access for service users, that will allow them to manage their lives better.

Claire is also working on two small scale research projects that have been funded internally by the University. The first study builds on the demand of older people in Nottingham (aged 55 -75) who wish to study applied social sciences at University level. The study aims to gather the views of older people in Nottingham that will help to shape the aims, content, delivery pattern, and funding model for an Older People Educational Programme. The second project is a pilot study that aims to evaluate the effectiveness of the Westgate Unit at HMP Frankland in reducing the number of adjudications and self-harm incidences in Dangerous and Severe Personality Disordered (DSPD) offenders.

Alongside this, Claire is also in the final stages of her doctorate, that explores the Quality of Life and Well-being of Older people in prison, via a mixed method approach. The main aim of the research hopes to investigate the validity of the research tool (MANSA) for older people in a prison setting. In addition, this research hopes to identify the central needs for the growing population of men in HMPS, specifically if older prisoners in a higher secure category estate receive more support than those a lower security prison

Sponsors and collaborators

Claire has previously worked in collaboration with Nottinghamshire County Council and numerous prison establishments to carry out research studies. She continues to maintain a working partnership with two prison sites, continuing to develop new research studies, in conjunction with the needs of their specific prison populations.

Claire is currently working with Framework Housing Association and the Big Lottery Fund on the 'fulfilling lives: supporting people with multiple and complex needs' evaluative study.


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