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Gregg Rawlings


School of Social Sciences

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Gregg H. Rawlings is a lecturer in the Division of Psychology in the School of Social Science. He is mostly involved in modules relating to mental health and clinical psychology. Gregg is also a registered Clinical Psychologist in the NHS, working with adults with learning disabilities. Gregg holds the role of an Honorary Research Fellow at The University of Sheffield.

Career overview

Gregg joined NTU in September 2021. Prior to this, he completed his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at The University of Sheffield. His thesis involved developing and piloting using a randomised controlled trial, a self-help intervention based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy targeting anxiety in adults with pulmonary hypertension. Gregg completed his PhD in (Clinical) Neuroscience in 2017, also at The University of Sheffield. His thesis examined the diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic implications of subjective accounts of living with epilepsy or functional seizures (psychogenic non-epileptic seizures). He holds a BSc in Psychology and MSc in Psychology (Foundations in Clinical and Health Psychology) from Newcastle University. As a Senior Research Fellow at Bradford Teaching Hospitals between 2017-2018, he has been involved in several studies funded by the National Institute for Health and Care Research.

Research areas

Gregg is currently involved in several research projects involving adults with intellectual disabilities, functional neurological disorders or pulmonary hypertension. He has a keen interest in clinical health psychology. Gregg is currently supervising a range of MSc and DClinPsy research studies. He has experience of using qualitative, quantitative and mixed-method research methodologies and had his work published in international peer reviewed journals (see publications link).