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Heather Alberro


School of Social Sciences


Heather Alberro is a Lecturer of School of Social Sciences.

Research areas

Heather is currently a PhD candidate and associate lecturer at Nottingham Trent University's Department of Politics and International Relations, part of the 'Ethics, Ecology, Identity' research group. Her thesis centres around an ecocritical examination of radical environmental activists (REA's) as contemporary ecotopian manifestations amid the socio-ecological perturbations of the Anthropocene. Key areas of research/interest include critical social theory, utopian/green utopian studies, environmental sociology, literary ecocriticism, political ecology, and critical animal studies. She also specialises in qualitative research methodologies with difficult-to-reach groups.

External activity

Heather is Co-Convenor for the Political Studies Association's environmental politics specialist group, and runs her own blog:


  • Alberro, H. (2018) ‘A Modern Ecotopia’, in Babaee, R. My Utopia, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 103 – 108.
  • Alberro, H. (2019). 'Methodological considerations for the special-risk researcher: A research note'. Methodological Innovations, 1-6.
  • Alberro, H. [Forthcoming] 'Valuing Life Itself: On Radical Environmental Activist Post-Anthropocentric Worldviews'. Environmental Values.
  • Alberro, H. [Forthcoming] 'Interspecies' in The Cambridge Companion to Literature and the Anthropocene. Cambridge University Press.

Press expertise