Jatinder Sandhu



As a Research Fellow, Jatinder is responsible for working with fellow colleagues to:

  • scope relevant research projects
  • develop project proposals and funding bids
  • scope and write literature reviews
  • conduct primary and secondary research using a wide range of quantitative and qualitative methods
  • analyse data and develop findings and reports.

Jatinder also plans, develops and leads on dissemination and knowledge exchange activities with a wide range of audiences, relevant to individual projects. She possesses specialist expertise in participatory action research and public sociology.

Career overview

Jatinder has a BA (Hons) Social Sciences (Sociology and Social Policy Pathway), MSc Social Science Research Methods (Sociology and Social Policy Pathway) and in 2012, was awarded a PhD in the disciplines of Sociology and Social Policy by Nottingham Trent University in 2012, for the work entitled The birth mother and the evolution of adoption policy and practice in England since 1926.

Since 2005, she has worked in a range of research positions for a number of different universities, including Nottingham Trent University, Northumbria University and Loughborough University. Prior to her current appointment as a Research Fellow, she worked as a Freelance Consultant and led on a range of research and knowledge exchange projects for a number of clients including Loughborough University, Leicestershire County Council, NowHeritage and Adept Ergonomics.

Research areas

Jatinder has a number of research interests which broadly fall under the two areas of public sociology and participatory action research. Projects she has worked on represent a diverse range of sociological topics including ageing, social identities, digital engagement, learning in later life, community engagement, domestic violence, adoption, young adult offenders and public health. Further details are listed below.

  • Increasing the uptake of Bowel Cancer Screening in Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities in Nottingham City – an exploratory study (2014)
  • Faith in Families and Nottinghamshire County Council Adoption Partnership Evaluation Project (2014)
  • Evaluation of a Young Adult Offender Mentoring Programme (Nottinghamshire Probation Trust) (2014)
  • New Dynamics of Ageing funded "Sus-IT project" (Sustaining ICT use by older people to promote autonomy and independence) (2009 – 2013)
  • Leicestershire CareOnline 10-year Evaluation Study - funded by Leicestershire County Council (2013)
  • Mobile Library Evaluation Study - Funded by Leicestershire County Council (2013)
  • Choose my Support Evaluation Study - funded by Leicestershire County Council (2013)
  • Birth Mothers and the Evolution of Adoption Agencies Policies and Practices in EnglandSsince 1926 – doctoral project (2006 – 2012)- funded by ESRC
  • Cotmanhay Domestic Violence Project (2010) – Funded by The Cotmanhay Community Management Group
  • A Domestic Violence Counselling Service Evaluation – funded by Family Care, Nottingham (2009)

External activity

Jatinder is a member of the following relevant professional bodies: British Sociological Association, Social Policy Association, British Social Work Association, Higher Education Authority, Association of Education and Ageing, British Gerontology Society and the Social Digital Research Network.


Journal articles and book chapters:

  • Damodaran, L., Olphert, C. W. and Sandhu, J. 2014. 'Fit for purpose' In A. Newell The New Dynamics of Ageing Policy Press
  • Sandhu, J. Damodaran, L. and Ramondt, L. 2013. 'ICT Skills Acquisition by Older People: Motivations for learning and barriers to progression.' International Journal of Education and Ageing. 3,(1)
  • Ramondt, L., Sandhu, J. and Damodaran, L. 2013. 'Staying digitally connected- a review of current learning and support provision in seven cities for older people.' International Journal of Education and Ageing, 3,(2)
  • Damodaran, L., Olphert, C.W., Sandhu, J. 2013. 'Falling off the Bandwagon? Exploring the factors that can lead to digital disengagement by older people.' Gerentology. December 2013; DOI.10.1159/000357431
  • Damodaran, L. Olphert, C. W. and Sandhu, J. 2013. A toolkit for engaging older people in research, design and development of ICT based products and services. Available:http://sus-it.lboro.ac.uk/
  • Damodaran, L., Olphert, C.W., and Sandhu, J. 2013. Case studies of digital disengagement. Sus-IT Project Deliverable. Loughborough: Sus-IT Project, Loughborough University Available:http://sus-it.lboro.ac.uk/
  • Smith, M., Damodaran, L. and Sandhu, J. 2013. 'A sense of adventure: A report on older people engaging with information and communication technologies in Saltburn. Loughborough': Sus-IT Project, Loughborough University Available:http://sus-it.lboro.ac.uk/

Conference and invited presentations:

  • Sandhu, J. 2014. Birth mothers changing choices, experiences and motives for adoption. Workshop given at the NTU Student Social Work Conference at Nottingham Trent University May 2014
  • Sandhu, J. and Damodaran, L. 2013. Learning to use and sustain use of ICTs by older people. Paper presented at the Fourth Social Digital Symposium hosted at Age UK, January 2013
  • Sandhu, J. and Ramondt, L. 2012. "Learning and sustaining use of ICTs by older people: identifying the barriers." Paper presented at the British Society of Gerontology's 41st Annual Conference hosted at Keele University, July 2012
  • Sandhu, J. and Forbes, P. 2011. "Older Adults and Information Communication Technologies: Learning Needs and Support Mechanisms." Paper presented at The 18th International Learning Conference hosted by the University of Mauritius, July 2011
  • Sandhu, J., Damodaran, L. and Ramondt, L. 2010. "Learning and sustaining use of Information and Communications Technologies by Older people: scoping the barriers." Paper presented at the British Psychological Society Conference "Never too early, never too late: Learning for Life" hosted by the Open University, Milton Keynes, November 2010
  • Sandhu, J. 2009. "Using Participatory Vulnerability Analysis to research older people and learning." Paper presented at Learning in Later Life Conference hosted by GRUNDVIG, Cyprus, April 2009

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