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Kassim NoorMohamed

Kassim Noor Mohamed

Principal Lecturer

School of Social Sciences

Staff Group(s)
Criminology and Criminal Justice


Dr Kassim Noor Mohamed joined Nottingham Trent University as Principal Lecturer in External Engagement (International) in March 2017.

He is responsible for providing strategic, operational and academic leadership in securing collaborative partnerships with blue chip international Institutions and governmental organisations.

Career overview

  • June 2013 – Feb 2017 Senior Lecturer in Criminal Justice – Department of Law and Criminology at University of Derby, United Kingdom. Module Leader for International Criminology and Criminological Theory
  • Jan 2010- June 2013 Lecturer in Criminology Department of Criminology & Sociology at Birmingham City University, United Kingdom.
  • Jan 2009 – Dec 2009 Social Sciences Tutor at Nottingham Trent International College.
  • Oct 2005 – Dec 2008: Sessional Lecturer in Criminology at Nottingham Trent University.
  • May 2003 – Sep 2006: Probation Services Officer/Security Officer with National Probation Service, Nottingham
  • 1981 – 2001: Senior Customs Officer leading the Special Squad with professional enforcement experience - specialising in field operations, surveillance, intelligence gathering and analysis, detection, investigations, prosecution of smuggling, trafficking and customs fraud syndicates

Research areas

Principal research interests lie in the areas of serious, organised, specialist, transnational and corporate crime. Particularly interested in Asian organised crime groups and their modus operandi. Professional experience of research and intelligence gathering with regard to smuggling and Customs fraud detection, apprehension and prevention.

Expert on topics such as dangerous research, organised & corporate crime, abduction, piracy, kidnap for ransom, smuggling, counterfeiting, fraud, intelligence, surveillance and investigations, informant handling and criminal careers

Doctoral Research Thesis - Understanding Career Criminal Kidnapping: A study of offending dynamics, sub-cultural tolerance and policing in Malaysia. The thesis was an in-depth case study of a successful professional Triad kidnapping group and their organised criminal network, exploring key explanatory factors for the group's involvement in serious kidnap for ransom. The project also focuses on modus operandi of kidnapping for ransom and the tolerance of crime that may perpetuate victimisation.

External activity

Kassim has developed an emerging profile working with organisations, mainly in criminal justice and law enforcement agencies including the royal Malaysia Police, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, Customs and Excise and international academic institutions. This include:

In 2017 Principal Lead -Bespoke Training Courses Facilitator for Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Officers and the accreditation of Basic Training Courses at the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Academy.

In 2013 Project Manager – Lead and project manage the academic development, overall administration and accreditation of training in collaboration with Royal Malaysia Police Training Department and Training Centres.

In 2007 Consultancy with Royal Malaysian Customs Intelligence Division. Lead advisor and assisted in the coordination of intelligence, surveillance, detection and apprehension of a major organised mobile phone smuggling and distribution syndicate. Result: Recovery of contraband worth the equivalent of £1 million pound sterling.

2017 (Upcoming) – Consultancy - leading the formation of the Centre of Excellence for Advanced Law Enforcement, Security and Criminal Justice and academic programmes development for a three year basis with Netherlands Maritime Institute of Technology, Educity, Kota Iskandar, Johor Darul Takzim, Malaysia


2017 (Upcoming)

Edited Series

Noor-Mohamed, K. Anti-Corruption: International Perspectives, Issues and Best Practices, Internet Journal of Criminology

Journal Submission

  • Noor-Mohamed, K. ‘The Departed vs Infernal Affairs: A Comparative Analysis of Criminal Organisations, Asian Journal of Criminology(submission stage)
  • Noor-Mohamed, K. ‘Secret Societies: A Necessary Evil in Diasporic Communities?, Journal of Qualitative Criminal Justice & Criminology (JQCJC) (submission stage)

Book proposal


  • Noor-Mohamed, M.K. The Successful Criminal: Conversations with a Kidnapper.

Journals and Articles


  • Noor-Mohamed, K, and Noor-Mohamed, J. (2014). 'Negotiating The Ethical Minefield: Fieldwork Experiences of Researching Dangerous Subjects', In Il-Su Kim and Jianhong Liu (editors), Contemporary Trends in Asian Criminal Justice: Paving the Way for the Future, pp. 205-231, Seoul: South Korea, Korean Institute of Criminology.  ISBN: 978-89-7366-143-5
  • Noor-Mohamed, M.K. (2014) ‘The Definitional Ambiguities of Kidnapping and Abduction, and its Categorisation: The Case for a More Inclusive Typology’, Howard Journal of Criminal Justice, 53(1): 83-100


Noor-Mohamed, M.K. & Noor-Mohamed, J. (2012) No Evidence of Absence: Successful Criminals and Secret Societies, British Society of Criminology Online Journal. Vol.12: 41-60


  • Noor-Mohamed, M.K. (2008) Kidnap For Ransom in Southeast Asia: The Case for a Regional Recording Standard, Asian Journal of Criminology, 3(1): 61-73


  • Noor-Mohamed, M.K. (2006) Problems Faced by the Criminal Justice System in Addressing Fraud Committed by Multinational Corporations.’ Internet Journal of Criminology. Available from: Multinational%20Corporations.pdf

Conference Papers/Workshops/Seminar Series


  • “Kidnap For Ransom: Organised Crime and Terrorism Nexus”. International Conference on Security, Technology and Intelligence, 17th – 18th August 2016, National Defence University of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia(Invited Speaker)


  • “No Evidence of Absence: Successful Criminals and Secret Societies”. British Society of Criminology Annual Conference, 4th – 6th July 2012, Institute of Criminal Justice Studies, University of Portsmouth


  • “Negotiating the Ethical Minefield: Fieldwork experiences of researching dangerous subjects. 3rd Asian Society of Criminology Conference, 17th-19th December 2011, Taipei, Taiwan (Invited Speaker)


  • Kidnap for Ransom: Unethical Research? Nottingham Trent University Winter Conference, 9th & 10th December 2009, Nottingham, United Kingdom


  • Expect the Unexpected: Fieldwork Overseas. Nottingham Trent University Winter Conference, 10th & 11th December 2008, Nottingham, United Kingdom


  • Kidnap for Ransom in Southeast Asia - International Conference on Organised Crime in Asia 28-29 June 2007: Singapore: Organised by National University of Singapore and Queensland University of Technology (Invited Speaker)

External Academic Activity

  • Commissioning Editor – Internet Journal of Criminology
  • Special Edition Commissioning Editor: Anti-Corruption, Intelligence-Led Investigations Journal Series
  • Editorial Board - Internet Journal of Criminology
  • Journal Reviewer – Asian Journal of Criminology
  • Associate Editor – Malaysian Customs Journal
  • Member of British Society of Criminology
  • Member of Asian Criminological Society

Press expertise

Kassim has been interviewed by Malaysian TV in the area of law enforcement training and professional accreditation of workforce training. Kassim is keen to work closely with Media Outlets to contribute to contemporary discussions around intelligence, surveillance, smuggling and trafficking as well as kidnapping and abduction.