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Kayleigh Warrington


School of Social Sciences


Kayleigh is a lecturer in the department of Psychology at NTU and teaches across a number of Psychology modules.

Career overview

Kayleigh joined the academic staff at NTU in 2020. Prior to this she worked as a post-doc at the University of Leicester.

Research areas

Kayleigh's research investigates the mechanisms underlying reading and language understanding. Kayleigh is particularly interested in the flexibility (e.g. effect of reading goals) of these mechanisms, and how these mechanisms may differ across the adult lifespan and across different writing systems, including Arabic, Chinese, English and Mongolian. Kayleigh also has a strong interest in the process of learning to read, particularly in the context of adults with low literacy skills.

Much of this research employs eye tracking technology, which provides a highly detailed record of the reading process and is the most precise technique for examining naturalistic reading.

Kayleigh is a member of the Language, Literacy and Psycholinguistics Research Group and the Ageing and Lifespan Research Group

Kayleigh is keen to supervise PhD students on a range of topics relating to the above research.