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Kirsteen Beart

Kirsteen Beart

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer

School of Social Sciences

Staff Group(s)
Social Work and Health


Senior Lecturer in health and Social Care- Nottingham Trent University 2006- Present.

  • Leading teaching in our undergraduate course on mental health input and care of people with dementia.
  • Leading student support system which involves ensuring students, service users, have access to services, support and appeal mechanisms. This involves co-ordinating and leading the staff team in enhancing and incorporating inclusive procedures into their practice. For example, assisting students to understand rights, and rights to appeal, awareness of services to support and facilitating the students voice.

Career overview

Senior Lecturer in Mental health Nursing – De Montfort University 2003-2006.

  • Leading teaching and learning on undergraduate care of older people with mental health problems. This included assessment of students in practice, working with service users and practice staff to enhance the learning experience.
  • Leading teaching and learning on Dementia Care for post graduate Nursing. This involved a pedagogic approach to ensure that professionals already in practice were examining their own skills with a view to enhancing them based on best evidence practice and visual representation of service user need

1992- 2003

Practicing Registered Mental Health Nurse – Various Roles and positions within Nottinghamshire Mental Healthcare Trust, MIND, Chase Farm Hospital Middx, Greater Glasgow Healthcare Authority

  • Ward based assessment of people with dementia. Assessment, planning, intervention and Evaluation techniques used to ensure service users, and their family’s needs were met.
  • Community assessment and support of people with Dementia and with mental health problems. Long term support of families as well as crisis intervention, social integration and use of services support in the community. This was based on a collaborative approach to care planning which emphasized the needs of the service user and their families.

Research areas

Current research

Study on Visualization as a learning Tool - This academic year I have undertaken a study into the use of Visualization as a means of learning for students on an undergraduate mental health module. The results of this study are to be published this year and offers innovative and transformational learning to enhance working with vulnerable people in an inclusive and participatory way.

Dissemination of Findings - Presentation of the findings of the Visualization research which will stimulate further development of research around the use of this in many areas of learning. This will be promoted through a learning and teaching Conference 2014 and by publication of the resulting research article.


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