Peter Macaulay

Peter Macaulay


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Peter is completing his PhD and conducting research exploring educators’ conceptualisations, response and prevention to cyber bullying.

As an hourly paid lecturer within the Department of Psychology at Nottingham Trent University, Peter has responsibilities that are inherently of a professional nature and wide ranging, which include:

  • Teaching preparation
  • Direct and supportive teaching in lectures across a variety of modules including research methods and skills.
  • Attending relevant meetings and keeping up to date with the knowledge of the subject.
  • Completing class registers and other associated documentation.
  • Marking of coursework, assignments, projects, dissertations and examination papers.

Career overview

Peter has previously worked at University of Chester.

Research areas

Peter has worked on a couple of projects looking at children’s internet use and their subjective/objective knowledge of online risks and dangers. Peter has examined the notion of peer tutoring and cross age teaching to develop children’s knowledge of online dangers and e-safety awareness. Peter has also examined how adolescents respond to a variety of traditional and cyber bullying scenarios, specifically addressing victimisation/perpetration experience and emotional/cognitive traits.

Peter is currently completing a PhD, which will explore the approaches, responses and interventions towards cyber bullying between pre-service, primary, secondary and college teachers’. Specific objectives of the research will address:

  • Exploration of teachers’ conceptualisation and understanding of cyber bullying?
  • Examine how teachers’ respond according to cyber bullying severity and publicity?
  • Examine approaches currently used by teachers to handle cyber bullying and future prevention strategies.
  • Examine if cyber bullying intervention strategies need to be tailored according to educational setting.

This research project will contribute to the limited qualitative research exploring teachers’ perceptions towards cyber bullying and provide the first insight/comparison of teachers’ perceptions towards cyber bullying across educational levels. The project will also be the first to explore teachers’ responses to different types of cyber publicity and cyber severity.

External activity

Graduate member of the British Psychological Society.

Sponsors and collaborators

Dr Lucy Betts (Nottingham Trent University – Director of Studies)
Professor Michael Boulton (University of Chester)