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Puneet Tiwari

Senior Lecturer

School of Social Sciences


Puneet Tiwari is a Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice. He is also a member of the Quantitative and Spatial Criminology (QSC) Research Group at NTU.

Career overview

Puneet received his PhD in Advance Quantitative Methods from the University of Bristol in 2017 and his Masters from the London School of Economics (LSE) in 2011. Prior to this, he worked for a number of private organizations and academic institutions internationally.

After joining NTU, Puneet has worked on ESRC funded research project as a Reserch Fellow. He has an extensive experience of statistical modelling and data analysis, including Bayesian statistics, probabilistic modelling and R programming.

Currently, Puneet teaches Research Methods to postgraduate students and spatial criminology to undergraduate students in Criminology. He also supervises a numebr of undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations.

Research areas

Puneet was funded by ESRC for his PhD. As part of this, he explored latent structures in corporate innovation and developed a number of statistical models that explored high-dimensional binary data with little user intervention. He worked on longitudinal models and developed variational Bayesian growth curve models to analyse such data.  After his PhD, Puneet joined NTU as a Reserch Fellow, where he was responsible for analysing data from Crime Survey for England and Wales.

Puneet has presented his research in a number of prestigious national and international conferences including Royal Statistical Society, British Sociological Association and British Association of Management. Puneet is also a member of the Quantitative and Spatial Criminology Reserch group at NTU. His research interests include mixture modeling, quantitative criminology, Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods, Bayesian statistical methodology and applications and mixed-effects models.