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Sam Murphy

School Standards and Quality Manager

School of Social Sciences


Sam is the Interdisciplinary Programmes and Quality Manager for the School of Social Sciences. His responsibilities include:

  • Contributing to the development of subject and School strategies which align with set priorities and contribute to corporate goals.
  • Providing leadership in the development of strategic approach to the management of:
    • the School's Academic Standards and Quality Assurance procedures
    • the School's interdisciplinary courses.
  • Guiding, mentoring and developing teaching staff's, and course development activities.
  • Coordinating quality assurance, enhancement, and course development activity across subjects and, in particular disciplinary courses.
  • Playing an active role on behalf of the School Executive in key areas of academic standards, quality assurance, enhancement and development.
  • Leading academics in the planning, preparation and conduct of Periodic School reviews.
  • Advising and supporting the Chair of School Academic and Quality Committee in the discharge of its responsibilities.
  • Developing the School's Quality Assurance agenda and instigating forward planning.
  • Acting as the Lead author of the School Annual standards and Quality report.
  • Acting as the key School Adviser on compliance with University regulations and procedures.
  • Contributing to the enhancement agenda through working closely with the School Learning and Teaching Coordinator, which brings together the enhancement, and assurance aspects of learning and teaching provision.
  • Contributing to the development and monitoring of the School’s Learning, Teaching, and Enhancement Action Plan.
  • Ensuring that the development of the School’s based Learning and Teaching policies are congruent with University requirements and are approved, monitored and evaluated through the School academic standards and quality Committee and School Executive.
  • Leading, on behalf of School Executive, matters aligned to Equality and Diversity.

Career overview

Derbyshire Careers Service

1995-2001: Training and Development Manager (County-wide remit)

  • Managed the Diploma in Careers Guidance Part 2 development programme. LGMB moderator assessment comments: "Excellent. Thorough approach with whole staff support and a culture of constant improvement”. August 1998
  • Managed the design, delivery and evaluation of the DfEE sponsored pilot NVQ 4 programme in partnership with NTU
  • Joint author of Career Mark: The East Midlands Quality Standard for Career Education and Guidance
  • Member of the East Midlands Consortium, which designed and delivered the Diploma in Career Education validated by NTU
  • Seconded to DfES to write policy guidance for the distribution of Connexions companies in service training budget aimed at training and developing teachers and advisers involved in managing and delivering career education and guidance provision in schools and colleges
  • In service training and CEG consultant to schools, careers service companies and allied organisations
    • Presented at NACGT conference on how to write learning outcomes to ensure constructive alignment
    • Presented a paper on the disapplication from the curriculum at a QCA conference
    • Steering group member of CAMPAG which produced occupational standards for careers coordinators and guidance practitioners’
    • Member of an Institute of Careers Guidance working group which produced recommendations about the qualification framework for guidance practitioners to the Minister within DfES

1992-1995: Area Manager (line managed four guidance teams with over 50 professional staff)

1988-1992: Team Leader (line managed a team of 15 careers advisers)

Nottinghamshire Careers Service

1986-1988: Unemployment Specialist Careers Adviser

1985-1986: Careers Adviser


  • Brown, S.; Johnson, C.; Murphy; S (2005) Effective Practice in Youth Justice: Training Manual. London: Youth Justice Board
  • Gee, R.; Murphy, S.; Mignot, P.; Palmer, V.; Reed, H. and Vesey, A. (2010) Research and Development Review. Nottingham: Nottingham Trent University