Building your apprenticeship ePortfolio

Find out how to build your apprenticeship electronic portfolio (ePortfolio), to present evidence of your learning and experience to your selected audience.

As an apprentice, you’re required to maintain your ePortfolio throughout the duration of your apprenticeship.

What is an ePortfolio?

An electronic portfolio (ePortfolio) is a collection of digital assets related to learning and experiences which presents evidence of capability or ability to your selected audience.

Why you need an ePortfolio

The ePortfolio is the cornerstone of your apprenticeship and has several purposes:

  • To provide a platform for you to showcase your development and competence against the knowledge, skills and behaviours of your apprenticeship standard.
  • To log the time spent undertaking off-the-job training.
  • To support progress reviews with your employer apprentice mentor and NTU mentor.
  • To demonstrate readiness for end-point assessment (EPA) and in some cases, support EPA activity.
  • To facilitate reflection on learning and development.
  • To document professional development linked to your learning.
  • To provide a mechanism for sharing your learning and development with your employer apprentice mentor and NTU mentor.

Additionally, creating an ePortfolio can support the development of crucial skills such as:

  • planning
  • synthesising
  • sharing
  • reflecting
  • responding to feedback
  • digital literacy.

How to create an ePortfolio

PebblePad is NTU’s institutional ePortfolio platform where you complete a template called a workbook.

The workbook is designed to support your learning and development throughout your apprenticeship and help you to structure your collation of digital assets (evidence). You can use the built in PebblePad tools and templates to create digital assets like blogs and reflective accounts or upload your own digital assets including:

  • documents
  • presentations
  • spreadsheets
  • videos
  • photos, etc

The PebblePad mobile app – PebblePocket, enables you to gather and create evidence when you don’t have access to a computer or internet connection.

Download PebblePad on iOS Download PebblePad on Android

Off-the-job training

It is a requirement of your apprenticeship to log any time you have spent conducting off-the-job training. The apprenticeship workbook will contain an Activity Log to allow you to do this.

Find out more about off-the-job training

Sharing your workbook

One of the benefits of using PebblePad as our ePortfolio platform is the ability to share your apprenticeship workbook, and anything else in your PebblePad account, with anyone, regardless of whether they have a PebblePad account or not.

This makes sharing with your employer apprentice mentor, NTU mentor, workplace assessors and EPA assessors easy. Sharing with your mentors and assessors will allow them to see your workbook in its ‘live’ state, provide feedback on your progress and sign-off on competencies ensuring you are ready to pass though Gateway when you get there.

Where to begin with your ePortfolio

During your apprenticeship induction your course team will guide you through the process of accessing PebblePad and your apprenticeship workbook for the first time. You’ll have some introductory sessions using PebblePad and have access to support and guidance throughout the duration of your apprenticeship.

Help and support

There are three main sources of PebblePad help and support available to you:

  • Last updated: 05/12/2022