Dignity and respect

Working or studying at the University means being part of a inclusive and respectful community. Read about our standards and expectations for upholding these values.

Give it. Get it. Expect it.

The University is firmly committed to sustaining a highly effective learning environment characterised by fairness, equality of opportunity, and the valuing of diversity. Principles of dignity and respect underpin all that we do, and NTU has very clear expectations around how all members of our community treat – and are treated by – others.

The key messages of Respect at NTU are:

  • Respect is important to NTU, helping to maintain a positive, healthy environment for work and study.
  • Respect makes for a better place to work, learn and live.
  • We all have a shared responsibility to make it happen. We can lead by example, and challenge or report behaviours which don't match the NTU standard.

The Respect at NTU video below is a great introduction to the NTU ethos. You can also watch the video on YouTube.

Respect at NTU
  • Last updated: 19/10/2021