Exam dates and assessment deadlines

Find out when your assessment periods and deadlines are, how to access your exam timetables, and how to request specific adjustments for your exams.

Assessment periods for 2023/24 academic year

The University's main assessment periods for the forthcoming academic year are as follows.

  • Half-year assessment period: 08 January to 19 January 2024.
  • Main assessment period: 29 April to 24 May 2024.
  • Resit assessment period: 12 August to 23 August 2024.

You must be available to sit your examinations for the entire published period. We may schedule examinations:

  • during the day
  • on Saturdays
  • on days when you may not usually attend classes.

Some Academic Schools may also hold other exams outside the above periods. Consult your local Subject or School Administrator for further clarification.

Where possible, we give you at least a day between each examination. We try our best to spread the dates of your exams throughout the assessment period.

Religious commitments

Religious commitments may prevent you from sitting exams on a particular day of the week. If so, email us.

We can't guarantee we'll be able to avoid holding examinations during those periods. We'll try to schedule exams around religious commitments, but we can only do so if we're notified of them. You must email us before the end of October for the current academic year's exams. We can't guarantee any requests we receive after this date.

Personalised exam plans (PEPs)

If you need any specific adjustments for your exams, email Student Services. They'll be able to assess your requirements.

You could need specific adjustments due to:

  • disability
  • injury
  • any ongoing condition that could affect your exam performance.

Student Services will pass any recommendations on to Academic Registry. Academic Registry will put the adjustments in place.

You should contact Student Services as soon as possible when you begin your course. This helps ensure enough time for us to:

  • consider the necessary adjustments, and
  • submit the correct paperwork.

We can't guarantee recommendations received after the deadlines shown below. In such cases, we'll put recommendations in place for the following exam period.

Deadlines for submission of arrangements:
Assessment period Deadline for receipt of paperwork from Student Support
Half-year 4 December 2023
Main 24 February 2024
Resit examinations 28 June 2024

When can I view my exam timetable?

We usually publish timetables on NOW, confirming exam dates and times as shown below.

  • Half-year examinations: First week in December.
  • Main examination period: Second week in March.
  • Resit examinations: Second week in July.

Venues are normally added three to six weeks before your exam date, depending on the time of year.

  • Last updated: 27/10/2023