Academic Registry

Academic Registry uphold policy and processes concerning student administration and manage key corporate events including Enrolment, Examinations and Graduation.

Academic Registrar — Victoria Fanning

Responsible for the overall management of Academic Registry. This department is both the Business Lead and the Sponsor for various projects across the University.

There are several teams within Academic Registry.

Student Records

This team has ownership of the student record system. It's responsible for the quality of all related data. It works with other professional services to develop administrative processes related to:

  • the student records system, and
  • other related systems.

The Student Records team is responsible for:

  • UKVI compliance
  • managing the University licence to sponsor international students
  • the Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR) and HEDD verification systems
  • Council Tax reporting
  • medical reporting
  • E-Arch processing
  • course start dates
  • police requests.


This team is comprised of both campus-based and systems timetabling teams.

Timetabling Systems

The Timetabling Systems team has responsibility for:

  • leading institutional timetabling systems
  • monitoring timetable data quality
  • adherence to the timetabling procedure and guidelines document
  • ensuring the smooth running of timetabling procedures
  • training
  • sharing of best practice
  • technical assistance
  • liaising with the timetabling system supplier and other key professional services.

Campus Timetabling

The Campus Timetabling team has responsibility for:

  • operational management and delivery of timetables.

The team schedules space across the University. It works alongside the Academic Schools and other departments to do so. Campus Timetabling maintains a strong relationship with the Estates Space Planning team. This helps inform decision-making.

Campus Timetabling is also responsible for scheduling the main exam periods for:

  • half-year examinations
  • summer examinations.

It works with the Academic Registry Examinations team to do so.


This team is responsible for coordinating the delivery of:

  • half-year examinations
  • main examinations
  • re-sit examinations.

The Examinations team works with the Academic Registry Timetabling team.

It also works with the Academic Schools. Together they ensure students with Personal Exam Plans (PEPs) have their assessment provisions in place.

The Examinations team also:

  • administers approximately 300 examinations per year outside of these periods
  • manages the development and appointment of a pool of approximately 170 invigilation staff.


The team manages the end-to-end process for the University's graduation ceremonies. These take place in both summer and winter.

This includes:

  • planning attendance
  • managing ticket sales
  • producing the ceremonial brochures
  • event management on the day
  • creating over 8,000 certificates per year. These are for both NTU and collaborative partnerships across the globe.

Policy and Regulations

This team is responsible for regulations, compliance and governance. The main areas of work are:

  • academic appeals and irregularities
  • student complaints
  • the Student Code of Behaviour.

The team also has overall responsibility for regulations pertaining to:

  • the notification of exceptional circumstances
  • academic appeals, including requests for reconsideration
  • academic irregularities
  • student complaints
  • student behaviour processes and procedures.

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