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Welcome to Wellbeing Services – COVID-19 update

We're working in new ways to keep students and staff safe in the current situation. We now offer all our specialist support over Microsoft Teams or by telephone.

We can help you with:

  • wellbeing
  • mental health
  • counselling
  • student support advice.

We've enhanced our wellbeing resources to include the following.

  • An online module ‘Your Wellbeing’ on your NOW learning room. This is for both new new students and returning students.
  • New SilverCloud programmes. SilverCloud offers secure, immediate access to online cognitive behavioural therapy. We've added new topics such as resilience, sleep, COVID-19 and money.

Leading student mental health charity Student Minds has also developed extra support resources.

Student Space is also here for you throughout the coronavirus pandemic. However you're feeling, help and guidance is available. You can explore range of trusted information, services and tools. Visit the Student Space website for more help with the challenges of student life.

Student Space is a trusted place to:

  • access confidential support via text, phone, email and web chat
  • explore online resources
  • find help available at university.

Visit our student website for updates and more information relating to COVID-19. Look after your wellbeing, stay safe, and ask for help if you need it.

Mental health and wellbeing support

Further support is available for personal, emotional or mental health difficulties. There is help for issues affecting your studies and your university experience.

You can access support through our wellbeing form. You can also request support if you're concerned about another student's wellbeing.

I need further support I'm worried about someone else

If you're struggling with your mental health

Are you feeling anxious, depressed or stressed? Are you having issues with eating or your body image? Having trouble sleeping?

Feeling panicky or struggling mentally with the impact of a physical health condition?

If you have started to experience any of these difficulties then we recommend you try SilverCloud, our online cognitive behavioural therapy-based programmes, tailored to your specific needs.

SilverCloud can also be helpful while you wait for, or alongside, other support.

The content is motivational, easy to use, interactive, and relevant to students.

Online support – SilverCloud

Support available in your school

If life events are having a negative impact on your studies, you can access school-based support.

For example, issues may include bereavement, pregnancy, or being a victim of crime but are not limited to these areas. We can also offer you information and support if you're thinking of leaving your course.

We offer brief advice and ongoing support, and we can liaise with your course team at your request.

Tell us about your situation and request support using our short support request form.

Study support

If your concerns are about your studies, please talk to your tutor. Alternatively, you can access the support available in your school.

Health and wellbeing resources

Information and advice is available to help if you're having these kinds of issues.

Struggling at university

  • Can't get motivated, stopped coming in to university, or behind with your studies?
  • Thinking of leaving or feeling homesick?
  • Have you lost a loved one?
  • Having relationship difficulties or can't get over an ex?

Mental health

  • Have you been diagnosed with a mental health condition?
  • Have you been worried about your mental health for more than a few months?

Problems with others

  • Are you in a controlling relationship or being harmed or threatened?
  • Have you been a victim of crime, sexual assault or rape?

Behaviours or habits

  • Are you worried about an addiction to gambling, alcohol or drugs?


  • Do you need advice on gender, sexual identity, race, ethnicity, disability, or religion?


  • Do you need advice on pregnancy whilst at university?
Get information and advice

Emergency help

We are not an emergency or crisis service. For urgent support, please consider the following options:

  • Last updated: 01/10/2021