Student support advisers

Our student support advisers can help you with health and wellbeing problems or issues you may face whilst at university. Find out how to make an appointment or referral.

What do our student support advisers do?

We can help with a range of study and personal difficulties. We can meet you to discuss your challenges and decide upon the best way forward. We offer practical support and advice, which is different from the counselling and mental health teams.

We can:

  • work with you, your tutors and other staff when you need to get back on track.
  • help you to make important decisions related to your studies.
  • help you to access and engage with a range of services within NTU and the wider community.
  • provide support of a practical problem-solving nature.

Our student support advisers can be of benefit to students who have a range of personal difficulties or challenging life events causing them to feel overwhelmed.

Need our help?

Any student can request support. Someone else can also act on a student's behalf, if they have the student's consent to do so.

Tell us about the situation using our short support request form.

A Student Support Adviser will respond once they've received the form. You'll then be able to arrange a meeting.

From autumn 2021, we'll be offering a blend of face-to-face, Microsoft Teams or phone appointments.

If you, or a student who you're concerned about has more immediate health and wellbeing needs, ask for support or share your concerns on the relevant wellbeing form after seeking any necessary clinical advice.

  • Last updated: 28/10/2021