Costs of living and studying abroad

Learn how to make a budget and get an overview of the costs and expenses to consider when living and studying abroad.

Tuition fees

Full academic year

Students studying abroad or on a work placement pay a reduced tuition fee.

Single term

Your tuition fee will be the same as if you completed the full year at NTU.

Host university

There is no tuition fee to pay to the host university.

Other costs

Additional costs to consider include:

  • travel costs
  • local travel
  • accommodation
  • food and general consumables
  • clothes
  • medical costs
  • entertainment, holidays, travel and tourism
  • visa application costs, if applicable
  • miscellaneous items
  • emergency funds
  • any additional application or administration fees.

Making a budget

To help you make a budget, we've put together a budgeting worksheet you can download and complete.

Other resources are available, Numbeo is a great place to start researching the average cost of living in different countries.

  • Last updated: 05/12/2022