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NBS Impact

At Nottingham Business School (NBS) we combine academic excellence with a positive impact on people, business and society. This means we are bold in the decisions we make, the research we undertake and the relationships we nurture. And it means we develop confident graduates who, in turn, can make their own positive and meaningful impact on the world around them.

Educational impact

Our pioneering personalisation programme and experiential learning practices mean that every student has the opportunity to reach their full potential, integrating theory and practice with critical reflection. This means that each student is exposed to a unique experience that impacts the decisions they make as they’re supported to achieve their ambitions.

In 2020 we were named as a Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) Champion for a second time. The initiative recognised our commitment to sustainable and responsible management education and developing responsible leaders.

Our students benefit from a faculty with experience. The vast majority of our colleagues have corporate experience that allows them to provide invaluable support, knowledge and guidance with real-world application. This is reflected in the high level of employment of our bachelor students achieve and the contributions that our network of 27,000 alumni continue to make to locally, nationally and internationally.

Business development and regional impact

In a joint venture between EFMD Global Network and FNEGE, we were awarded the Business School Impact System (BSIS) Label in 2019. The scheme recognises the impact that the School has on our local environment and as a key participant in the acceleration of many local companies and organisations.

Our internships, consultancy projects, competitions and challenges benefit organisations in the region by adding intellectual and human resource capacity, our students provide the fresh thinking though experiential learning opportunities that support business development and innovation.

As a major participant in the entrepreneur ecosystem of the region, we have a transformational impact on the future of our students and the organisations that engage with us. We provide a multitude of opportunities and programmes to SMEs across the East Midlands and support bringing their ideas to life, helping them grow and providing access to resources.

“All the events were really well organised and the business advisers we dealt with were invaluable. They enabled us to think about things in a different way, that we hadn’t really thought about before, to get a new perspective on where we stand as a business. They were also convenient and didn’t demand a lot of time out of the office, which is good, because it didn’t focus too much of our attention away from running the business.” Jon Parker, ITP. UpScaler.

We are a major contributor to the activities of the university in the city and have cultivated many mutually beneficial relationships with local stakeholders. Through the broad range of support that we and NTU have to offer, businesses can access advanced facilities, graduate talent, academic expertise and funded programmes.

Research impact

We are committed to excellent research which combines academic rigour with beneficial impact on social, economic and societal welfare, as well as informing the design and delivery of the School’s degree programmes.

From innovation and knowledge transfer to consumer and organisational behaviour, we collaborate with universities and commercial partners globally to deliver innovative solutions and make a positive impact on communities world-wide.

We continue to invest in the recruitment of internationally-recognised scholars and to develop distinctive areas of research excellence as we build beyond the 2021 Research Excellence Framework.

We have six designated research centres and a further three research groups. Working with the University’s Research Office to secure external research funding, we seek to build on the success of recent bids, which has seen awards from a range of sources, including Horizon 2020, DfID and the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development.

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