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Building Community, Increasing Social Capital, Enriching Student Learning Experiences.

The Kultch-Ed programme embeds creative co-curricular learning opportunities for Social Sciences students within the broader cultural life and spaces of Nottingham.

Working with key cultural institutions in Nottingham, we provide module leaders and course teams with alternative learning opportunities that resonate with the Social Sciences curriculum and values.

The premise of Kultch-Ed builds on the notion that a holistic approach to education must also aim to develop lifelong social and cultural capital.

The Kultch-Ed Cultural Wrap

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Kultch-Ed aims to pre-construct a social network that serves to introduce you - our Social Sciences students - to the vibrant cultural life of our city.

Helping you make that often challenging first step into cultural spaces into which you might not naturally feel you belong, we can encourage you to widen and enhance your learning experiences, build individual social capital and confidence, and be part of a wider community of activity that increases your sense of belonging to course, school, University and city.

We offer a curated, semi-structured set of educational opportunities, to encourage participation in those wider educational activities.

Coordinating with the NTU Curated and Created and Life-wide Learning programmes, Kultch-Ed recognises that holistic education requires a ‘village’, not just a classroom.

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