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International teaching and learning opportunities

International teaching and learning opportunities, as well as cross-national collaborations, have been a regular feature of the Department’s activities.

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Study Abroad and Student Exchange

NTU Psychology students have been able to benefit from the extensive learning opportunities made available to them through engaging in study abroad and exchange visits.  Students have visited our partners in the Netherlands (Radboud, Groningen), Spain (Valencia), Hungary (ELTE), Sweden (Umea), USA (Northern Arizona University), New Zealand (Massey) and Australia (Monash). These experiences have been extremely enriching for our students and hosting exchange students from our strategic partners has also enriched the experience of our students at NTU, enabling them to meet and learn from those studying psychology in other nations and cultures.

Virtual Exchange - Collaborative Online International Learning

At NTU Psychology, virtual exchange has been piloted with several different initiatives, whereby NTU Psychology students have taken part in online learning activities with students from the University of Madras, India (facilitated by Dr Preethi Premkumar) and from National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan (facilitated by Dr Lai-Sang Iao). The potential for virtual exchange is enormous and enables students to learn in a globally-connected and sustainable way. We are currently exploring new possibilities to enable more of our students to get involved in these inline learning experiences.

Global Summer School

NTU Psychology has developed a course for the NTU Global Summer School – Applying Psychology to your Community. It builds on the work of the ‘Groups, Identities and Health’ Research Group by bringing to life the issues that matter to people embedded in local communities. This course is an exciting activity for students from all over the globe to access cutting-edge knowledge and to sample Nottingham living and is run by Dr Niamh McNamara.

Globally Connected Research and Teaching

The coverage of global and comparative content features in a large proportion of the course and module provision at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels and is also a feature of the work carried out by our postgraduate research students. NTU Psychology staff members have also engaged in a wide range of globally connected research and teaching activities, which have included hosting visiting scholars and participating in collaborative research funded through schemes such as the Erasmus+ KA2 programme (e.g. the TKCOM project led by Dr Lucy Betts involving partnerships with those from Spain, Portugal and China; Dr Daria Kuss’s work with collaborators from Romania, Cyprus, Lithuania, and Greece).

Other examples of international collaborations include Dr Mark Torrance’s work on a Norwegian government-funded project called ‘Digihand’ and Dr Matthew Belmonte’s international collaborations with partners in India and Europe (the latter trough Horizon 2020 funding). Maria Karanika-Murray has also been part of a large European collaboration funded by the European Commission for a project entitled, “WORKAGE – Active Ageing through Work Ability”.

With a Department of our size, there are extensive international research collaborations and projects and our staff are continually presenting work at a range of academic and practitioner-focused conferences across the globe.

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