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Department of Social Work, Care and Community Research Seminar Series

How might research on equalities - anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobic and decolonising interventions - inspire the education of students in social work, health and social care, youth and community work and careers guidance?  The Department of Social Work, Care and Community Research Seminar Series will invite external and internal academics to share their practice of research-inspired teaching or teaching-inspired research.





Paper Title

July 2020

Young People and Sexual Consent  

Dr Elsie Whittington (MMU)

Beyond The Binary: (De)Constructing Consent

Dr Geraldine Brady (SWCC, NTU)

'Go On, Go On, Go On': Sexual Consent, Child Sexual Exploitation And Cups Of Tea


Problem Youth/Youth With Problems

Dr Shantéy Francis (SWCC, NTU)

'Problem youth': Race, gender and violence

Dr Michael Whelan (Coventry U)

The insider-outsider: politics and advocacy in caring for ‘youth’ with cancer


Public Convenience? Access Rights to Toilets

Dr Charlotte Jones (Exeter U)

Pissed off: Disability Activists Fighting for Toilet Access in the UK

Rebecca Swenson (Occupational Therapy, LSBU)

Pissed off too: Trans and Non Binary Struggles with Toilets


Social Deprivation: Poverty Aware Practice

Dr Maya Lavie-Ajayi (Social Work, Ben Gurion U, Israel)

The Poverty-Aware Social Work Paradigm (Introduction)

Prof. Michal Krumer-Nevo (Social Work, Ben Gurion U, Israel)

Radical Hope: Poverty-Aware practice for social work

Dr Yuval Saar-Heiman (Royal Holloway U)

Poverty - A Poverty-Aware Paradigm for Child Protection: Re-assembling the links between poverty, child protection and social work practice


Interventions with Men

Dr Geraldine Brown (Coventry University)

Hear Our Voices: We're More than the Hyper-Masculine Label: Reasoning’s of Black Men Participating in a Faith-Based Programme

Rahmanara Chowdhury (PhD Student, Brunel U)

A Web Model of Domestic Violence and Abuse (DVA)


Animating Bodies of Colour

Dr Sweta Rajin-Rankin (Social Work, Kent University)

Material intimacies and the racial politics of hair: Touch, texture, resistance

Dr Mathew Nyashanu (SWCC, NTU)

Dynamics of racism and colour: Narratives of Black sub-Sahara African academics in UK

January 2021

Decolonising the curriculum

Dr Mike Thomas (Social Work, Brunel U London)

Decolonising The Curriculum and Helping Students Think Sociologically

Dr Serena Natile (Law School, Warwick U)

Decolonising the curriculum in socio-legal studies


Young People’s Health

Dr Raj Patel(MMU)

Youth Work At The End Of Life? Exploring professional ethical differences when working with young people in hospitals and hospices

Dr Peter Jennings (SWCC, NTU)

Do-It-Yourself Diabetes Management Communities


Looking Beyond the Individual in Mental Health

Professor Dave Harper (Psychology, UEL)

The need to reorient our approach to mental health

Dr Verusca Calabria (SWCC, NTU)

‘With Care in the Community Everything Goes’: Meaningful care practices in the old system of care.


Management Issues in HE and Social Work

Vida Douglas (Social Work, University of Hertfordshire)

Staff Wellbeing in Higher Education: Managers’ Contributions

Dr Simon Cauvain(SWCC, NTU)

Still Hanging on in There? Retention Issues in in Social Work


In Good Faith

Dr Jess Bishop (Coventry University)

Spirituality, Faith, Religion (TBC)

Sarah Lawther (Learning Analytics and Research Coordinator, Centre for Student and Community Engagement)

Exploring the diversity of everyday beliefs and practices on campus: what do they bring to the student experience and how can we talk about these in an inclusive way?


Personal Stories and Voices in the PhD

Dr Shona Freeman (Personal Tutor and Learning advisor, SWCC)

Black Feminist Standpoint Theory: hearing the voices and experiences of African-Caribbean women ageing without children

Lucia Franco (PhD student, Brunel University London)

Is reaching the “truth” of one’s experience so impossible in psychosis. A truth-seeking recovery journey’.


Being an Ally to Youth Facing Inequalities

Dr Wolfgang Vachon and Tim McConnell

Allyship: What Youth Work Can Learn from Trans and Disability Movements

Dr Alex Toft

The Problem With ‘It’s Just a Phase’: The lived experiences of young, disabled, LGBT+ persons


Poverty-Inequalities-Child Protection Procedures

Professor Paul Bywaters (Coventry U)


Dr Geraldine Brady


These will be hosted on MSTeams at least for now. Two short (<20 minute) presentations (pre-recorded if preferred) will form a themed session, with the chance for discussion following the papers.  All members of the Department - staff and doctoral candidates – are welcome. Please come when you can, and please offer a paper when you’d like to share your work or suggest future speakers (email Pam

How is the Personal Political Today Seminar Series

The Department of Social Work, Care and Community is hosting four seminars to invite colleagues from departments across the School of Social Sciences at NTU into dialogue with its concerns and welcomes external attendees too.

The first seminar raises issues of concern regarding the contemporary politics of childhood, the second explores an emerging theoretical approach in relation to health, activism and precarity, the third explores issues of faith and racism in relation to domestic abuse, and the final seminar explores matters of sexuality and stigma in the light of post-coloniality and pandemic-affected professional practice.  

Our intention is to show how social work’s practical concern with individuals and families does (must) not close down social, political and intersectional analysis, may draw on legal and international analyses, and to remind colleagues that the Social Work and Social Policy REF Unit of Assessment is a ‘broad church’ into which their work may fit.

July 2022'Leave Those Kids Alone': The Politics of Childhood and 'Protecting Children'
September 2022

The Politics of Individual Health, Well-being and Behaviour: What does the material turn offer for theorising individuals in neoliberal contexts?

September 2022

Seminar 3: Domestic Abuse, Faith and Community

November 2022What’s Political About Sexualities?

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