Street Photography

Street Photography
  • Level(s) of study: Short course
  • Study mode(s): Part-time (weekend)
  • Location: City Campus
  • Starting: 9 May 2020
  • Course duration: Saturdays 10 am - 4 pm, two days

This course is all about developing your skills and building your confidence as a street photographer.

You'll learn the techniques of creating street portraits, introducing you to new and exciting ways of working.

The real skill in street photography is being able to approach a stranger and make an awesome portrait of them.

At first this seems really daunting, but your tutor will be on hand for moral support and technical advice.

By the end of the first session you’ll find this process quite addictive, and you’ll have achieved some awesome shots for your portfolio.

The workshop will be an opportunity to experience Crash’s knowledge in street portraiture as he provides hands on training, guiding you through Nottingham’s streets shooting portraits of visually inspiring strangers.

He will teach you to confidently communicate and successfully photograph a complete stranger, ensuring everyone captures at least three portraits of their own.

The course will be fun, informative and sometimes provocative, usually challenging and always highly enjoyable; it’ll stretch your imagination.

This workshop will suit photographers at most levels of skill and experience, from relative beginners to professionals in other fields of photography.

You will, however, find it helpful to have a good working knowledge of your equipment, exposure, focus and some of the fundamental photographic principles.

Crash is used to working with groups of mixed levels of experience, so don’t worry about ‘fitting in’ – the group is small enough to give everyone the attention they deserve.

There will be technical instruction about how to set up your camera to enable you to shoot quickly and accurately in most environments, as well as how to photograph safely in difficult situations, and learn how to interact effectively with the public, the police and other officials.

During the second day you will head back to the digital darkroom, review your work and choose your three best street portraits.

You will then undertake some editing processes to ensure you achieve the maximum results from your portraits.

Tutor profile: Crash Taylor has become one of the world’s finest wedding photographers - in 2009 he was voted one of the UK’s top ten wedding photographers by Professional Photographer magazine.

In 2010, he was editor-at-large of Turning Pro magazine and has been featured in numerous national UK magazines, podcasts and radio shows.

After retiring from wedding photography in 2016, Crash now spends his time lecturing at Nottingham Trent University, photographing exclusive homes in Nottinghamshire and taking portraits for clients and personal projects.

He still finds time to photograph the occasional wedding for friends and family.

He is absolutely addicted to photography and loves sharing his knowledge and skills with his students.

What will I gain?

You will leave this course with a street photographer’s eye, and have the knowledge to spot a photo opportunity in an everyday street scenes.

You’ll be able to think in terms of ‘themes’ and ‘projects’ to help stimulate your creativity and produce a strong body of work.

Indicative maximum class size: 10

Any questions?

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Tel: +44 (0)115 848 2813

What you'll study

On this course you will:

  • discuss street portraiture, covering the history, techniques, equipment and technical skills
  • critique, as a group, successful street portraits and backgrounds
  • learn the importance of communication and interaction
  • source various backgrounds
  • experiment by taking portraits of each other
  • learn communication techniques, interaction, lighting and composition styles
  • conquer your fear of photographing strangers
  • learn to react positively if people are challenging or offended, and develop your ‘back story’
  • become invisible and shoot your environment quietly and unobtrusively
  • have an experience which is character building - you will gain a deeper understanding of human behaviour.

Fees and funding

The fee for this course is £240.

Payment is due at the time of booking.

The fee for this course is £240.

Payment is due at the time of booking.

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