Pre-sessional English for Academic Purposes

PEAP class
  • Level(s) of study: Short course
  • Study mode(s): Full-time / Part-time
  • Location: City Campus
  • Starting: Various
  • Course duration: 6 - 20 weeks

We offer Pre-sessional English for Academic Purposes (PEAP) courses for international students who need to improve their language skills before starting an NTU course. Our courses range from 6 to 20 weeks depending on your ability and the English language level you need to achieve, and availability of our courses.

You can also apply if you are not going to continue your studies with an undergraduate or postgraduate course.

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Pre-sessional English for Academic Purposes (PEAP)
We offer pre-sessional courses designed to improve your English to meet your entry requirements and help you build up your skills and confidence.
Pre-sessional English for Academic Purposes (PEAP) courses 2019 - 2020
10 weeks 7 October 2019 - 13 December 2019 £3,250
6 weeks 4 November 2019 - 13 December 2019 £1,950
20 weeks 23 March 2020 - 28 August 2020 £6,550
15 weeks 11 May 2020 - 28 August 2020 £4,900
10 weeks 22 June 2020 - 28 August 2020 £3,250
6 weeks 20 July 2020 - 28 August 2020 £1,950

Please note that no classes take place on 26 August 2019.

If you have also applied for an undergraduate or postgraduate course, then you will be required to reach a specific PEAP grade before you are able to progress at the end of your PEAP course. It is important to read the entry requirements on the How to apply section below so that you are aware of which PEAP course is right for you or understand how many weeks you will be asked to study in order to reach the appropriate level of English.

Our students get great results – our pass rate for 2017/18 was 97.7%.

How to pay your fees

Depending on the length of your PEAP course, you have the following options:

  • If you’re going to do a 10 or 6 week PEAP course you must pay your PEAP course fees in full. You can do this through Global Pay (Western Union) by entering the full amount into option 5 ‘Pre-sessional English fees’ or by credit/debit card on our Online Store.
  • If you’re going to do a 20 or 15 week PEAP course you have a choice. You can either:
    • pay your fees in full (as above) or;
    • pay an advanced payment of £3,000 to join the course through Global Pay (Western Union) and select option 1 ‘Advanced payment’, or on our Online Store.  You’ll then also need to arrange an instalment plan to pay the rest of your fees in order to be fully enrolled. Our finance team will help you arrange this if you need any help.

We will issue you with a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) for your PEAP course and your NTU degree course accordingly.


  • You can cancel your place on the PEAP course at any time up to the start date of your course. You can do this by writing an email to the admissions team or completing a course cancellation form.
  • If you start the PEAP course and decide to leave, you can get a refund. This will be a proportion of the cost of PEAP depending on how long you have studied with us. For example, if you decide to leave after studying 60% of your PEAP course, you can get a refund of 40% of your PEAP course fee. You can find further details on our fee payment conditions page.


We have a variety of student accommodation based on each campus. Please be aware that the accommodation is very popular and is therefore booked very quickly. As we cannot guarantee the availability of our rooms, we advise you look at the different options available. These are:

  • University student accommodation - We have a variety of student accommodation based on each campus, and also off-campus. University student accommodation are flats, studios or houses with either en-suite or shared bathrooms. You can find an overview of the type of university student accommodation and prices on our accommodation webpages.
  • Privately rented accommodation – This is accommodation that you rent from a private landlord. There are a lot of options available from shared houses with other students to one-person flats. You can get more information about this here.
  • Homestay – This is when you stay with a host family. You have your own room and access to other facilities in the house. You can get more information about this on our accommodation page.

What you'll study

This course will improve your all-round English language ability. You will also develop your study skills and learn about British university culture.

You will have access to the following facilities as a student of the Nottingham Language Centre:

You will also have free access to the internet and email.

  • Course content

    Learning outcomes:

    • Understand academic texts when you read them quickly and carefully.
    • Research, plan, and write a well-structured and coherent argumentative essay, using standard citation and bibliographic conventions.
    • Find, select, summarise, paraphrase and synthesise relevant information from a range of academic sources.
    • Understand the purpose, structure and content of a lecture using handouts, slides, and your own notes.
    • Work independently and in groups to research an academic topic to give a coherent, well-structured and logically argued academic presentation.
    • Give academic presentations using academically appropriate style and register, and comprehensible and appropriate pronunciation.
    • Prepare for and participate appropriately and effectively in seminar discussions.

    You will develop the following skills on the PEAP course to help you to reach these learning outcomes:

    • academic vocabulary and grammar development
    • study skills development
    • reading a range of academic texts
    • listening to lectures and note-taking
    • writing essays
    • group project work and presentations
    • group discussions and seminars.

Course specification

View the full course specification
Please note that course specifications may be subject to change

How you’re taught

What to expect from the course

  • You will be tested on arrival and placed in a group with students who share the same level of proficiency.
  • You will have 21 hours of tuition per week.
  • You will have classes from 09:00 to 12:00 (includes a 15-minute break) from Monday to Friday, and 13:00 to 15:00 from Monday to Thursday.
  • The maximum class size is 16.
  • The minimum age of students is 18.
  • You will be assessed with coursework, essays, tests and presentations.

Careers and employability

If you do not meet the English language requirements of your chosen degree, our Pre-sessional English for Academic Purposes (PEAP) courses will help you to achieve the necessary standard - enabling you to access academic institutions in the United Kingdom including Nottingham Trent University, and improving your education and employability. This course does not offer placements.

Entry requirements

Entry requirements for PEAP (students requiring a Tier 4 visa)

*Please note that applicants must be 18 or over at the start of the course*

To comply with Tier 4 visa regulations you must have an IELTS taken at an approved UKVI testing centre.

If you are applying for a PEAP course and you require a Tier 4 visa you must provide an IELTS and achieve the minimum requirements as outlined in the table below.:

Current IELTS IELTS Requirement
4.5 with a minimum of 4.0 in each component 20 weeks 20 weeks n/a
5.0 with a minimum of 4.0 in each component 15 weeks 15 weeks n/a
5.5 with a minimum of 4.0 in each component 10 weeks 10 weeks n/a
6.0 with a minimum of 4.0 in each component 6 weeks 6 weeks n/a
6.5 with a minimum of 4.0 in each component n/a None (but some Schools may require 6 weeks if less than IELTS 6 in Reading and Writing) 10 weeks

Please read the following important information:

Entry requirements for PEAP (students who do not require a Tier 4 visa)
Current IELTS University of Reading TEEPPassword Pearson Test of English (Academic only) IELTS Requirement
4.5 4.5 4.5 32 20 weeks 20 weeks  
5.0 5.0 n/a 38 15 weeks 15 weeks  
5.5 5.5 n/a 46 10 weeks 10 weeks  
6.0 6.0 n/a 54 6 weeks 6 weeks  
6.5 6.5 n/a 62 None None 10 weeks
7.0 7.0 n/a 68 None None  
  • You will need to provide proof of your current language level in order to be accepted.
  • This course is not suitable if you are a beginner in English.
  • If you need a higher entry level than IELTS 6.5, your University department will need to guide you on what preparation you need.

We offer English language support classes free of charge to all international students when they start their academic course after PEAP.

How to apply

Please use our online system to apply for a pre-sessional English course:

Apply online

If you are applying for a course through UCAS you also need to contact Admissions explaining that you would like to apply for the PEAP course.

If you need to apply for a visa to study in the UK, please read the information on immigration.

Please read our notes on the University's commitment to delivering the educational services advertised.

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