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Lyth Building

Brackenhurst Campus' new for 2020 Lyth building is officially open! The Lyth building acts as a welcoming focal point to the campus and provides a central space for students and staff to study, relax, eat and meet friends.

Lecture Theatre in Lyth building, Brackenhurst Campus

Lecture theatre

Our new Lyth Lecture Theatre seats up to 200 students, and features retractable seating to make your learning that little bit more comfortable on campus. As the theatre features retractable seating, the space can also be used for flat teaching and future events.

The Refectory

Our new café and dining area, also known as the Refectory, is a new place for you to go if you fancy grabbing something to eat, or if you need somewhere to relax in between lectures.

Exhibition and information space & reception

Here you'll find a range of useful information and advice services to support you whilst here at Brack. The new campus reception also incorporates some extra informal study space if you're looking for a new space to work.

Research and projects laboratory

Our new research and projects laboratory is fully equipped with features to help you in your studies, this includes:

  • Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer for organic chemical analysis
  • Elemental Analyser for determination of percentages of C,H,N,O and S in materials
  • Tecan Spark plate reader for following chemical reactions
  • Nanoparticle tracking and sizing analyser
  • Water analyser
  • 02 monitor
  • Parr 4600 series pressurised reactor for producing hydrochar
  • Keithley 2400 Source Measure Unit for carrying out electrochemical reactions
  • Li-Cor Underwater Light Sensor
  • Unisense chemical sensing probes for oxygen, nitrous oxide
  • Microarray printing and analysis facilities
  • facilities for cultivating algae for environmental studies

SCALE-UP teaching room:

SCALE-UP (Student-Centred Active Learning Environment with Upside-down Pedagogies) is an innovative, active, collaborative learning approach which is used extensively across NTU. SCALE-UP is associated with reduced progression gaps, reduced attainment gaps, improvements in attendance, and improvements in engagement, particularly for our Success for All groups.

NTU was the first UK university to introduce SCALE-UP across an extensive range of subjects and is now widely embedded across NTU, and both academics and students’ responses to the pedagogy are positive. That's why we've decided to introduce two new SCALE-UP rooms within the new Lyth building, so we can focus on helping more of our students on a daily basis.

In either SCALE-UP room there will be 12 laptops for students to use.

Geospatial computer laboratory

Our state of the art Geospatial computer laboratory is fully equipped to support you throughout your course. The room consists of a lectern which houses:

  • Apple TV
  • Microsoft WIDI
  • Blu-ray player
  • Visualiser
  • Head worn microphone
  • Interactive screen
  • HDMI fly lead and speakers
  • switch to control blinds in the room

Tutorial rooms and staff offices

The building features several 1-2-1 tutorial rooms, as well as postgraduate research and general staff offices -  offering more space for our staff and students to work closely and catch-up.

Keeping our heritage

The landscaping was specifically aimed at connecting the Lyth building within the existing heritage park land of the hall, and to provide a relaxing environment for staff and students. The building will come to life in the Summer when the café will be able to spill out into the landscape, with tables and chairs outside on the paved area. The garden also preserves the heritage of the site, in particular reinstating the avenue of trees along the main drive from the old gates to the hall.

Lyth Building

  • Subject area: Geography, horticulture and environment
  • Category: Learning tools and spaces
  • Location: Brackenhurst Campus

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