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The course tutors are all really nice, helpful, and approachable. Most of, if not all, our tutors still spend a fair amount of time in veterinary practice, also, so there’s really nobody better to teach us.

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“I’m currently a first year FdSc Veterinary Nursing student. The course itself is extremely intensive and mixes theory and practical elements really well. We spend a lot of time learning about how a companion animal’s body should work, what can cause it to alter and, ultimately, not function correctly, and what we, as veterinary professionals, can do to help that animal.

“I chose this course because of the facilities, first and foremost. The veterinary nursing building, the animal unit, and the library, especially. Also, all of the staff that I encountered during the open days and my interview were exceptionally friendly and helpful.

“All of our modules have something unique and interesting to them but the Applied Functional Anatomy module that we have is my favourite. I find anything to do with the body incredibly fascinating, and it always astounds me with how similar ours are in relation to a cat's or a dog's. Also, our lecturer is a veterinary surgeon, so her knowledge of veterinary anatomy is amazing.

“I would definitely recommend this course if becoming a Veterinary Nurse is the career path you’d like to work towards. However, it is definitely more intense than I thought it would be, so be prepared to put a lot of hard work in if you want to be an effective student veterinary nurse when the placement periods roll around.

“The course tutors are all really nice, helpful, and approachable. Most of, if not all, our tutors still spend a fair amount of time in veterinary practice, so there’s really nobody better to teach us.

“Currently I live in halls and student accommodation services have been extremely helpful, as have the library team. I haven’t really had to deal with anyone from any other department yet, but it’s nice to know that they’re there if I need them.

“I’d say it took me a good month to settle in to be honest! I’ve never been away from home before and I was so used to my home comforts that it did take me longer than expected to acclimatise, but it genuinely does feel like my second home now I’ve settled in. Also, I’ve brought so much stuff with me that my room here doesn’t look that different from back home!

“I’d like to become a veterinary nurse once I’ve graduated. However, there are a lot of different sub-categories and specialities within veterinary nursing, and I’m still figuring out which one I’d like to pursue the most. I think I’d also like to do a bit of teaching in the field in the future at some point.”

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