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Aimee Smith


United Kingdom
It’s definitely not easy- the workload can be quite a lot! But if you’re eager to learn and organised then you’ll love it!

More about Aimee

I chose to come to Brackenhurst because it was the closest place that does Animal Management, it’s also on a bus route so I can get there easily. The course explores the keeping of domestic animals and the preservation of wild ones, with many practical demonstrations to reinforce your knowledge on the topics learnt.

I spent two weeks over the summer volunteering at the Animal Unit and learnt a lot from the technicians about each animal. It made me feel like part of the team and more confident in handling and health checking a range of species. All of my tutors were very supportive in helping me to improve the quality of my work to prepare for university.

There’s also many events on throughout the year at Brackenhurst and I felt like part of a big family. There’s so many places to go between lessons, with some beautiful walks around the campus and lots of food options.

I think I settled in on my induction day- I met a lovely bunch of people who would then be my close friends throughout the two years. I felt comfortable straight away and found my way around the campus quite easily, after coming for an open day a couple of months before.

In terms of a career I don’t quite know exactly what I want to do yet, something around the conservation of animals in the wild. All of the practical skills I have learnt can be applied to any animal job I get as I will be able to handle most species that I’m presented with. I have also learnt about the laws and legislation around animals and the environment- this will definitely be transferred to my future job.

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