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“BSc (Hons) Animal Biology is a vast course which covers topics from animal nutrition and health to animal welfare and management. The course is all about building the perfect candidate for any job associated with animals.

"The course is not only a great gateway into specialising in your interests through a masters, but also an opportunity to get hands on experience with animals which will be extremely valuable when applying for other opportunities in the future.

“The facilities at the Animal Unit definitely give NTU the edge compared to other universities. I was also interested in the variety of different modules that the course offered.

“I have enjoyed the Animal Health and Disease and Anatomy and Physiology modules. I found them very interesting. I’m currently enjoying the Anthrozoology and Animal Genetics modules. These two modules are very different, but both offer an insight into the many branches of Animal Biology. The variety of modules has opened my eyes wider to the large world that involves working with animals.

“I would definitely recommend this course to any student looking for a wider insight into the different opportunities associated with working with animals.

“I didn’t know much about Nottingham before coming here to study, but I love the diversity of the city. Nottingham has something for everyone be it the fun and exciting nightlife, variety of restaurants, shops and entertainment, or art and sports centres.

“Nottingham Trent University is inspiring as there are so many activities going on around campus. There is always something to do. I have found NTU not only to be supportive when I need it, but also to improve my independence.

“I am currently applying to study Veterinary Medicine when I graduate. I believe that this course has shaped me into the perfect candidate.

“I feel that this course has not only provided me with the academic knowledge, but also practical skills which I will continue to use when working with animals and working on research projects.

“I have had hands-on training with larger animals as part of my course and have been involved with a variety of farm animal projects including embryo transfer in beef cattle. I have also had experience handling a variety of exotic and companion species at the Animal Unit. Attending Nottingham Trent University has solidified my dream to become a veterinarian.”

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